Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remember that one time when…chuck that newspaper

I’m taking it back to my old stomping grounds this week.  That’s right back to the ‘scade as I lovingly refer to it. 

Remember than one time when…way back in my junior high school age time when my friends and I had to create our own fun a lot.  We weren’t old enough to drive yet so our activities were limited to things in the *huge* town of Cascade or the places we could beg our parents to drive us to.  The latter option was not working out for us very well so we mostly made our own fun.

One of the great ideas we had was to throw a newspaper back and forth across the road that ran in front of our house.  It was the main road through town so there was a good amount of traffic usually.  It was stupid fun.  A car would drive by and we would chuck the newspaper up in the air over the car and to the other side of the road.  My friend on the other side of the road would then pick up the paper and repeat the process. 

Semis were especially fun because you needed to throw it higher to clear the semi.  It was even better when you could get the newspaper to land on top of the semi.  that was the ultimate win. 

Apparently one time, we did not explain the objective well enough to my friend because she threw it right at the side of the semi.  Oops.

This is your proof that kids in small towns do strange things for fun.

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