Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday [On City-living, Amazon, and Tea]

hIt’s Thursday again time for my favorite post of the week--Thankful Thursday. 
I’m thankful for living in a city with so many things to do close by. Last weekend the Farmer and I went into the city on Saturday to visit the Field Museum of Natural History.  It was pretty awesome and reminded me that both he and I are nerds.  It’s so very convenient to go visit these places.
I’m thankful for the random warm temps we’ve been having this week.  It has been 55 degrees a few days here.  55 degrees and it’s the middle of December!  I’m not a huge fan of the cold weather so this abnormally warmness is fine by me.  I also enjoy not having to scrap the frost off my car windows in the morning.
I’m thankful for Amazon and the whole world of internet shopping.  Mostly because it is so much more comfortable to do my Christmas shopping on my couch in my pajamas than it is to fight the crowds in stores.  I try to avoid the crowds any ways by going to stores at 9 at night.  There’s less people there then. 
I’m thankful for herbal tea.  I’ve been drinking a cup or two every few nights.  It keeps my insides warm and toasty.  And it smells good. 
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