Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday again and her at Don't Look Down that means it's time for Thankful Thursday.

Thanks to Ali for the idea and of course Lauren!

I'm thankful that this week is almost over.  I shouldn't even be saying that since November flew by! I cannot believe it's already December 1st.  But this week at work has been cray cray.  I took half a day on Monday to drive back from Iowa and have been making up my hours ever since.  I have my hours made up and today planned to leave at a normal time instead of 6 pm like the rest of the days this week.  But then a wrench got thrown in my plans.  Some materials I need to run a test came in this afternoon and now my test report is due tomorrow!  I didn't get the testing done tonight so I have to start early tomorrow to get it all done.  I'm definitely working under the gun.  I've been the last person to leave work every night this week, but I'm hoping tomorrow is my lucky day.

I'm thankful for Carmex.  I didn't drink enough water earlier this week and now I am paying for it with super chapped lips.  Owwiiiiiieeeee! Carmex is my saving grace.

I'm thankful for my long weekend.  Being home and relaxing over Thanksgiving break was wonderful.  I spent a lot of time with my family and friends, ate delicious food, took naps, lounged, and enjoyed every last bit of it.  It's nice to have a break and be surrounded by the love of my family.

I'm thankful for my generous grandparents.  My grandma needed help with her digital camera so I went down for a visit and to help to help out.  I got all her pictures transferred and even showed both g-pa and g-ma the picture of my squirrel friend.  They loved it!  Then when I was ready to go home, they loaded me up with 4 pieces of my grandma's delicious lemon cake and some of her world famous sour cream cookies.  I always need more of grandma's goodies in my belly.

I'm thankful for leftovers.  I've cooked dinner one time this week and the rest of the nights I've been eating snacks or leftovers.  Fairly convenient when you work till 6 pm, then head to the gym, and finally get home at about 8 pm.  My stirfry turned out pretty good this time so I don't mind eating it 3 more times.

Looking forward to the weekend!  I'm going to relax and clean my messy, messy, dirty apartment.

What are you thankful for?
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