Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colorado Part 2

Miss Part 1?  It’s here.

Friday morning started off nice and late again because I like to sleep in.  It’s vacation and I deserve it.  Danielle and I went out for breakfast which included splitting a cinnamon roll.  A tradition that goes back to our Wartburg days.  Waverly has a great little hole in the wall restaurant called Dell’s Diner and they make delicious breakfast dishes including gooey, sticky, yummy cinnamon roll.  MMmmmmm!

I can’t even remember the name of the restaurant where we ate breakfast but it was delicious.  Afterward we headed over to a old-fashioned Denver candy factory—the Hammonds Candy  Factory.  Since it was already after Christmas, production in the factory was pretty limited, but we did see some candy-canes getting rolled out.  Hammonds makes all their candy by hand and the process is quite intricate.  They claim that handmade candy tastes better and I can say that their candy canes are pretty darn good.  So much more airy than the regular ole peppermint candy canes.

IMG_1344 IMG_1345

Check out the sweet hats we got with our tour.

IMG_1346  IMG_1350

Candy canes galore.  In so many flavors.


Check out this snow globe we saw there.


Notice anything funny about that scene?

I didn’t know Santa was present for the birth of baby Jesus.  I thought those were two separate stories?

My purchase from the candy factory included peppermint candy cane for my dad, a chocolate filled cherry candy cane for my family, and a butterscotch candy cane consumed by me.  We also got some free taffy, but neither Danielle nor I enjoyed it. 

After our stint at the candy shoppe, Danielle and I stopped for some coffee then headed further into Denver for a little shopping at Target.  Some interesting things happened there, let me tell ya.  While Danielle, Danielle’s friend Kelly and I were browsing for birthday cards in the card section we witnessed this random guy attempting to conceal himself behind the card aisle while watching another shopper.  This shopper was a younger guy shopping with his alleged girlfriend.  The spying guy was talking on a radio to another spy.  This went on for at least 10 minutes while the girlfriend was browsing for curling irons or hair dryers or something like that.  Then the guy shopper started noticing spy guy watching him.  After that the couple started high-tailing to the check out and the two spy guys joined together in the girl’s clothing section.  It was so strange.  And we have no idea what was going on.  Bounty hunters? Suspected shoplifting?  Who knows.

Following Tar-jay we headed over to Casa Bonita where we were debating eating lunch/dinner. First we took some lovely pictures outside.

IMG_1353  IMG_1356IMG_1357  IMG_1358

And then some family portraits in front of the Christmas tree.

IMG_1354 IMG_1355

Casa Bonita is known for the shows that go on inside after you sit down with your food, but apparently not for their food.  We walked all the way to the ordering counter and decided to turn around and get food somewhere else.  The food was kind of pricey for crappy food and my stomach was feeling a bit off (probably from all the eating out we had been doing).  So we ended up leaving in favor of better food.  We ended up eating at Garbanzo which is a Mediterranean Grill similar to the Chipotle set-up.  I chose the falafel and chicken combo plate with hummus, tablouheh, baba ghanoush, cucumber salad, pickles, and lots of other stuff.  I also got some delicious sauces including tzatziki and some garlic sauce.  And all this also came with a whole wheat pita.  It was a ton of food and it was so delicious and fresh.  I just hope Garbanzo comes to Chicago soon. 

Since it was the night of the Insight Bowl I convinced both Danielle and Kelly to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes get beat up by Oklahoma in a football game.  Of course a few beers and the pzookie we chowed down with ice cream didn’t hurt either. 

We ended the night with some more tea and movie watching.  I fell asleep on the couch I was so exhausted.

My last full day in Colorado started with another great breakfast made lovingly by Danielle. 

Danielle’s mom’s birthday is January 1 so we headed off to Walmart to buy some ingredients for birthday cupcakes.  We picked out a recipe for peanut butter cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Of course we taste-tested them when they came out of the over.  Soooo good.  The cream cheese frosting on the other hand, not so good.  Danielle says our fault was following the recipe and next time she is going to try making her own version of the cream cheese frosting.

We wasted most of the day away, but did get to head to Kohl’s before venturing up to Boulder to meet Danielle’s parents.  That’s where I bought those wonderful rings I bought myself.

No trip to Colorado would be complete without some pictures of mountains.

IMG_1359 IMG_1360

We met up with Danielle’s parents and headed to Denver for dinner.  We ended up eating at the Paramount CafĂ© where I actually ate the last time I was in Denver for the Theta Tau National Convention.  They had a wonderful special for New Year’s Eve which included a salad, an entre, and a dessert.  I enjoyed a house salad, salmon with asparagus, and some strawberry cheesecake. 

All decked out in our New Year’s Eve party gear!


The city of Denver puts on 2 fireworks shows on NYE-one at 9 p.m. and another at midnight.  We caught the 9 p.m. show because, of course, we weren’t staying downtown till midnight.

IMG_1362 IMG_1364 IMG_1367IMG_1365 IMG_1368

We celebrated at the stoke of midnight with some Andre champagne.  And a cupcake. 

Sunday morning was an early morning as I had to catch my flight home!  The trip to the airport and the way through security went off without a hitch.  I enjoyed a Jamba Juice smoothie for breakfast!  I even managed to secure an upgrade to Economy Plus on the flight home.  Which came with a little extra legroom and a pillow.  Not super fancy, but better than regular old economy.  I was set to fly from Denver to O’Hare and then O’Hare to Cedar Rapids.  My transfer in Chicago was a little pressed for time since my plane had to wait on the tarmac for at least 20 minutes waiting for a gate to open.  Unlike on my flight out to Denver, both my arrival gate and departure gate were in the same concourse!  Thank goodness because otherwise I would have not made my flight!  It was a quick walk to my plane to Cedar Rapids and an easy short flight back.  My brother picked me up at the airport.  Glad to be home again!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday {On Planning, Netflix, and Friends}

Okay so this week I didn’t buy myself anything like last week.  Okay, wait, I may have lied.  I went to Target this week.  Have you experienced the money such of Target?    Whenever I go in there I always buy at least one thing that I didn’t plan on, or need, for that matter.  Usually I spent at least $20 more than I was planning.  I consider this unnecessary spending completely unavoidable.  My only hope is avoiding Target until I really need to go there.

I’m thankful for my planner.  For some reason I really like the action of writing my events down on a calendar.  It makes me feel so organized, even though I’m, ummmmm, not, at all.  My to-do list get written in there and even though not all of it gets done, I still love checking things off each day. 


Let’s just say you don’t want to see the summer wedding schedule.  It’s ugly.

I’m thankful for Netflix.  It feeds my addiction.  I’ve had to find some new shows to watch because I consumed all the episodes of Bones, Lie to Me, and 30 Rock.  So I am currently feeding my addiction with Parenthood and Law & Order: SVU.  Wow, writing all those out makes me feel like I really do have a problem.

I’m thankful seeing my friends.  For some reasons the last few weekends I’ve had hard time convincing myself to be productive and social, but last weekend I met up with my friends Adam and Sam.  We went to Dave & Buster’s and spent a boat load of money to win some small prizes.  The most important thing though is that we all had fun together.  And we got to play fun kid arcade games like skee-ball.  And that stupid game where you have to get the tokens to push the other tokens off.  In the end all I came away with is Fun Dip, Sour Punch Straws, and a  Dave & Buster’s glass. 

I’m thankful for meal planning.  Did I really just say type that? Who am I?  Seriously though, it is helping me to actually eat meals at night instead of cereal.  And I also don’t have a extra produce going bad in my fridge at the end of the week.  It’s saving me money and I am eating nutritious.  It is also helping me to pack my lunch the night before instead of frantically packing it in the morning whilst flying around my apartment because I am late for work.


Tonight, a black bean fajita was consumed.  It was good.

I’m thankful for avocados.  They were on sale at the grocery store so several were purchased.  So delicious and nutritious.

I’m thankful sleeping.  I’ve been needing it this week.

I’m thankful for you.  Thanks for reading!

I’m thankful for cottage cheese and pineapple.  One of my ultimate snacks.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remember that one time when…I love this soup.

This Remember that one time when is a reminder to myself and the Farmer why we don’t do double dates or group dates anymore.  We’ve had some very, well, interesting dates with others over the years.  And now we’ve just sort of taken on the approach that group dates are best avoided, especially with couples we are not familiar/close with.  Our policy is helped along by the fact that most of the time we aren’t together very much, save for a few weekends.  I think we could possibly revise our policy to allow dates with our mutual friends now, but I don’t want to get too carried away. 

Remember that one time when…the Farmer and I were sort-of visiting some friends of ours from high-school (it’s a long story and to protect the identity of these dinner mates I’m not telling you).  We somehow got roped into going to dinner with them and a few of their friends.  So there we are at Olive Garden with about 4 people we just met.  Awkward. 

The group orders all our food and being the poor college kids we were, the Farmer and I splurged to split an entre between the two of us.  Several others at ordered the soup, salad, and breadsticks combo.  The server started bringing out our food and our tablemates started digging in.  The boy in this other couple had ordered the Zuppa Toscana which is a sausage and potato soup.  The boy then exclaimed, “I love this soup".”  To which the girl in this said couple not so discretely replied, “And I love you.”

Now the soup is good, but I don’t know if it is that good. But what do I know?

The Farmer and I happened to overhear this whole conversation.  And later, we laughed and guffawed at it over and over again. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Trip to Colorado

I know I went to Colorado almost an entire month ago (I just counted—I returned 23 days ago), but I want to tell you about it now. 

*Side note.  I just wanted to tell you I am eating Fun Dip as I type.  Pretty sure the last time I ate it was when I was 12.  It’s good.

This is how it makes me feel.


I can’t believe I just posted that picture for all the internets to see.

End side note.*

I arrived at Denver International Airport around 6:30 on Wednesday, December 28 after a nice nap on the airplane and talking to the nice lady next to me who has a son that lives in Dubuque.  Small world. And what is it about airplanes that make me fall asleep?  I wasn’t tired beforehand, but once I got on the plane my eyes starting drooping and my head started bobbing. 

Danielle was already at the airport waiting for me by the time I made it from my concourse over to baggage claim.  I was so excited to see her! We immediately started making the trek towards Westminster to get some food because we were both starving.  We figured we would be able to get right in Hacienda but the place was packed and we had about a 30 minute wait.  Of course, we moseyed on up the bar and ordered ourselves 2 margaritas.  Both were delicious! As we were sipping our way through our frozen cocktails, our table opened up and we started off with some chips, salsa, and guacamole.  The food was delicious but the conversation was even better.  Danielle and I caught up each other on the happenings in our lives. 

We finished the night with watching Stick It which is one of our favorite friend movies that we always watch when we are together.  Favorite line: “And GED? What does drunk driving have to do with school?” Ah so funny.

On Thursday I woke up to Danielle cooking me a killer breakfast.  Potatoes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and faux breakfast sausage.  Paired with some delicious tea.  Our plan that day was take the factory tour at Celestial Seasonings.  First we took a detour to Danielle’s parent’s house were we consumed chips and salsa and taquitos.  So delicious and yet I’m sure so fully loaded with sodium.  Oh well it was vacation.  On to Celestial Seasonings for tea touring, were we debated the correct pronunciation of the word “tour” with Danielle’s friend Kelly.  She pronounces it “tore” while Danielle and I both pronounce it “to-ore” with 2 syllables.  We won because it was 2 vs. 1.  Sadly no pictures are allowed in the tour, but copious amounts of tea samples were consumed.  If you are even in Boulder, you need to visit the tea factory.  Make sure you stand in the mint room because it clears those sinuses right up.  It is also possible that I got slightly carried away in the gift shoppe and purchased four boxes of tea.  Totally worth it though because it is cheaper on sight and they have almost every kind of tea they make.  The supply at my local grocery store is very very limited.  I even bought some new-to-me kinds including a red rooibos tea

The afternoon wrapped up with a short trip to Barnes & Noble.  Where a rogue cart almost ran in Danielle’s car.  The moment was a priceless one.  Danielle was navigating her way through a packed parking lot when a cart rolled out from a cart corral and was picking up speed towards the car.  Danielle yelled, “Ah runaway cart!!” and gunned it forward in the parking lot.  The moment was so priceless and in one of my finest moments I laughed so hard I snorted.  Repeatedly.  I couldn’t stop.  For the reminder of the trip whenever it was getting too quiet I would just well “Ahhh! Runaway cart!” But I could never get through the whole statement without cracking up. 

The night was wrapped up by a quick trip to Chipotle for a quick dinner and some country line dancing.  It came as a complete surprise to me that Denver, CO has such a large community of country music lovin’, cowboy hat wearing, line dancin’ hicks.  It was ladies night at the Grizzly Rose and so we enjoyed a few drinks and I learned several new line dances.  None of which I remember now.  Danielle and I even witnessed the demise of some underage girls.  Apparently it is a really bad idea to drink when you are underage there.  Who knew?  The employees were like hawks and had eyes on the back of their heads.  It was a pretty entertaining scene.  The girls, of course, were wearing tank tops and had to stand outside in the cold against the wall.  It appeared that the employee was interrogating them.  Later as we were driving away, we saw them talking to a policeman.  Busted, my friends.

More on my last two days of the trip tomorrow!

p.s. My tongue hurts from eating too much Fun Dip.  Not so much fun now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Things Thursdays [On Stuff I buy myself and food]

It’s Thursday again.  Well, scratch that, Thursday is quickly fading and I need to reflect on my things to be thankful for again. 

I’m thankful for my new ski jacket.  Yeah, this falls under stuff I buy for myself.  I think I have a problem, but I don’t want to talk about it.  Since winter season is almost over (okay not really, but I swear stores are already putting out the swimsuits!) so coats are severely discounted. 


I’m going to look so stylin’ with my jacket and blue ski pants.  As the Farmer commented while I was trying on jackets, “Get something very loud that way, maybe, no one will run into you.”  Because that happened once when I was first started skiing.  The best part is it has thumb holes.


My love for thumb holes will never end.

I’m thankful for the great meal and company I enjoyed on Saturday night.  I was back in Iowa last weekend and the Farmer and I went to visit his mom.  She cooked us quite the spread—steak, potatoes, avocado and tomato salad, bread, and then to finish peanut butter pie.  I was so stuffed. Completely.  To the brim.  It was so awesome.  I also consumed some wine, that was a heck of a lot better than the $5 bottles I normally buy.  And ended with a night-cap of Rum-chata.  If you’ve never tried it, I recommend it.  Quite a sweet drink but delicious nonetheless.

I’m thankful for these awesome rings I bought myself.  Wow, surprise, surprise, something else I bought for myself.  These rings really resonate with me. Faith. Hope. Love.  Three pillars in life.  Simple, but beautiful.


I’m thankful for this sign.


Isn’t it cute.  In keeping up with my January goals to decorate my apartment, I bought this.  Not sure where it is going to hang yet, but I will find a place.  Good news is I scored this thing for only about $5! Score!

I’m thankful for friends.  I got to meet up with my friend for dinner last Thursday and it made me happy.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adventures in Juicing

I just got done foam rolling for 15 minutes! See, I haven’t forgotten about you December goals.  Tonight I also managed to accomplish a Turbokick workout, grocery shopping for the week, dish-washing, and kitchen organizing.  Sadly, my small kitchen appliances and food stockpile have outgrown my small kitchen.  And now things are being stored in my bathroom linen closet. I hope my guests don’t look in there and get confused.  Or worse yet, I hope they don’t think I snack on cereal while I am showering. 

Although Christmas was almost a month ago now, I am still going to talk about it.  Because I want to.  And I don’t want to hear any lip about it.

The Farmer has been eyeing a juicer for awhile, ever since he watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead in which a guy goes on a juice fast.  He really wanted to try juicing out.  His eyes were set on a Breville, a fairly hefty machine that came with an equally hefty price tag.  I was hesitant to purchase such an expensive juicer when there were several cheaper options.  And to be honest, I thought juicing was just a fad he would get over.  I’ve heard that juicing takes a lot of time and work so I wasn’t convinced it was a long term habit.

As luck would have it, I found a super awesome deal on Craigslist.  A Breville Juice Fountain Plus for about half the price.  Saaaweeet! My love for Craigslist goes on and on.  When I went to go look at the juicer, it looked brand new! The guy said he bought it and used it a few times but it ended up being too much work to juice and clean up, but that it worked great! 

Of course, I couldn’t just give the juicer to the Farmer without checking it out for myself!

The cast of characters:


Raspberries, carrots, green apple, inch of ginger.



After I started juicing, I decided there was not enough juice so in addition, I added one braeburn apple and an unpictured grapefruit.


According to the directions, you should start with the softer produce first and then move to harder items.

First up, raspberries.


Not a heck of a lot of juice out of these.

Then I attempted to juice the carrots.  This is also when I realized my glass measuring cup was not cutting the mustard.  The juice was spraying out of the juicer nozzle and onto my coat :(  It takes me a while to take my coat off when I come home because I turn my heat down quite a bit when I am away at work, so my apartment was just warming up.   So I switched to the pitcher that came along with the juicer.

Carrot juice.


Tossed in the apples, ginger, and the peeled grapefruit.

Fruits of my labor!



About 2 cups of juice me thinks.  Enough to feed me for breakfast the next morning.

In addition to the juice, quite a bit of fibrous material accumulated.  This picture does not do it justice. 


That all went straight into my compost bin.

The juice was delicious, but I was right the clean up was quite a pain.  Once I cleaned out all the fibrous material, I took the juicer apart and cleaned all the separate parts.  The mesh filter needed to be scrubbed and brushed squeaky clean and the rest of the parts needed to be washed.  According to the instruction booklet, juice should be consumed the same day as it is, well, juiced so it seems like quite a bit of work to make one day of juice.  I also learned that it is best to clean the juicer immediately after juicing or it can be difficult to clean later.

The Farmer really liked his gift though!


We also made some fresh orange juice and some green juice.  Both were delicious!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember that one time when…A gorilla?

So I wasn’t actually present for “remember this one time when”, but I’ve heard this story so many times that it is worth it to share.  And since I am dating the fool who is the main character in this story, you need to know it.

Remember that one time when…the Farmer dressed up as a gorilla.  That’s right, a gorilla.  I have no idea where they found a gorilla mask, but they did.  The Farmer popped on the gorilla mask and hopped in the car with my friends, Lacey and Justine.  Around town they went stopping at random places and frightening people.

One of those stops was the local filling station (doesn’t that sound sophisticated?).  La gorilla hobbled into the store and bought some snacks.  What does a gorilla eat, you ask?  Bananas! Duh! Of course, to conceal his identity la gorilla only grunted and pointed at bananas.  Then proceeded to pull out his wallet and purchase said bananas. 

The adventures of la gorilla weren’t complete yet.  Through town the group went cruising to see what other ruckuses they could cause.   Somewhere around this point, they apparently decided it would be a great idea to stick la gorilla into the trunk.  At the singular stoplight in town, the car came to a stop.  With a honk of the horn and a pop of the trunk, la gorilla popped out of the trunk and started making gorilla sounds.  La gorilla scaled a stoplight pole. 

La gorilla with our friend Prank

I only hope that the random Cascadians who witnessed this fine showing weren’t scared of la gorilla. 

I said it once and I’ll say it again.  We had to make our own fun.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January Goals

Unfortunately I think I’ve come down with a sickness.  I felt slightly off last week-needing to sleep a bit more than usual, sneezing a lot even for me, and just generally a little slower.  I thought I was on the mend but the few drinks consumed at my work Christmas party Saturday must have done me in.   Three drinks and the Farmer and I were still home by about 10 pm, but somehow the wild and crazy party (read: tame gathering) did me in.  I woke up Sunday with a sore throat and an elephant on my face.  Ah congestion, please quite plaguing me.

So I’ve been lying low in hopes to kick this thing out the door once and for all and sending out positive vibes so I feel better tomorrow.

Without adieu I present to you my January 2012 goals!

Goal 1:  Find a new dentist and make an appointment.

It’s been about a year now since I was last to the dentist for a tooth cleaning.  I must find a new dentist (and a good one at that) in the area.  I hope we can get along well and he or she does not ask me questions while his or her hands are in my mouth.  Please, tell me dentist can you really understand the words I am eh-rew-eh-ing to you? Does that annoy anyone else besides me?

This is one of those things that I just kept putting off and off after my new work insurance went into effect, but it’s time to just do it.  No more procrastinating.  Hold me to it please!

Goal 2: Swim regularly

Well I got back into the pool for the December goals and now I want to make it a regular part of my workout routine.  I am shooting for 3 days a week in the pool for January.  My pie in the sky goal is to do 5 days a week but I think this might be a little outrageous for me at this point.  I am hoping that with regular swimming I will be able to improve my technique and get faster.  This is more of a base building for triathlon training that I have coming up soon.  During training I generally spent 2-3 days a week in the pool.  If I am able to speed up and improve during the next few weeks I will be able to maintain much better during training.


Goal 3:  Update Blog

This is a repeat from my December goals, but it didn’t happen at all in December so I am using it again for January.  I don’t want to have to repeat this in February so I guess I better get this done!

Goal 4: Decorate Apartment

I’ve lived here now for about 10 months and I still have picture frames than need hung on the walls.  A few purchases may also need to be made to make it a bit more homey.  Honestly, before I do anything I should decide whether or not I will be moving in March, but I am leaning towards staying here.  Mostly because I don’t think it is worth the effort, manpower, and money it is going to take to move into a new place.  The benefits would need to greatly outweigh the cons on this one and the only ones that could convince me would be much cheaper than I am paying now, much more awesome than where I am at, and closer to work than I am now.  I haven’t found anything yet so I think this is a sign to just stay put.  My bank account and my parents will thank me.

Goal 5: Arrive at work earlier

My company is fairly lax about our hours.  When I first started I was always in by 8 am but I seemed to have slipped from this prompt time.  Most days I roll in around 8:15 or 8:30 but it’s nothing to come into work at 8:45.  Surprisingly I still beat several coworkers to the office most days.  But I am afraid this tardiness must come to an end.  My goal is to get to work by 8 am or earlier! That way I can jet from the office at 5 pm everyday (or sometimes earlier) and make it to the gym by 5:30.  Getting home from the gym at 8 pm isn’t really doing it for me anymore.  And this way people at work will think I am a real go-getter ;)

Off to accomplish my goals.

What are your goals for the month?

December Goals Recap

Embarrassingly I just wrote November in the title.  Knock, knock, anyone home in my brain?  Wake up it’s already 2012!  Every year seems to go progressively faster and faster.

So I’ve been totally totally lazy this week.  More lazy than I care to admit.  Being on break and away from my normal routine took me for a loop and I’ve had a hard time getting back on track but this week is going to be better.  I promise myself.

Here’s my little recap of my December goals.

Goal 1: Get back in the pool


I swam one time in December for about 1500 yards.  Nothing to write home about but I got back in the pool.  It actually felt surprisingly good.  Usually when I get back in after being out of the water for a while it feels like I am drowning.  But I went just about as fast as my previous times.  I hope to keep up my swimming habit during the whole year!

Goal 2: Redesign and update blog

Okay so this didn’t happen…at all.  I am moving this back to January.  I really didn’t accomplish much over my Christmas break as I assumed I would.  However, January is a new month and this is a new goal.

Goal 3: Don’t Stress about Christmas

Success!  Christmas was a great time this year.  I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done before Christmas.  Even though one of my gifts looked like this.

Yeah that’s right I wrapped up a picture of what I gave my dad for Christmas.  Apparently ordering the gift on Amazon 5 days before Christmas and selecting Free Super-Saver Shipping will not get you the gift in time.  Oh well.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I really concentrated on not letting the stress of Christmas get to me this year and overall it didn’t.  There were a few less than stellar moments.  Especially the one where I was opening gifts at midnight because the Farmer’s sisters could absolutely not wait, but the majority was good.

Goal 4: Take a vacay to Colorado

A+++++  It was a great vacation and a great way to spend my time off.  I should tell you about my vacation but here are a few teaser pictures.

Goal 5: Make friends with the foam roller

I didn’t quite hit my goal my goal of 3 days a week for 10 minutes, but I did make a closer friend with my foam roller.  It still hurts every time but I am hoping it eventually gets a little better. 
January goals tomorrow!

And hopefully my New Year goals soon-ish as well!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remember that one time…you can talk to me but I’m not here

Going back to work is sure hitting me hard.  All those days of sleeping in and lounging around all day make it super hard to get up early and go to work.  I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things and it hasn’t left much time for blogging.  I have a couple of posts to write so hopefully I can squeeze in some time in the next few days to actually write them out.

Remember that one time when…my roomie Staci and I had a few friends over for dinner and lots of apple desserts.  We had spent part of the day at the nearby apple orchard and bought our weight in apples.  I had some apple muffins in the oven and decided I really wanted to fit in a quick run before dinner was served.  So I took off on my 3 mile route and told everyone I would be back all sweaty and hungry in about 30 minutes. 

While I was gone my friend Laura showed up.  You remember this one.


Anyways she was helping prepare the enchiladas we were dining on that evening and decided that she needed to ask me a question.  So it went something like.  “Right Alyssa?…Alyssa?”  Upon which the rest of the group burst out in laughter because I was, in fact, not there. 

Once I got back they all relayed the story to me. 

I wish I could have been there to see all this, but I guess then there would really be no story at all Winking smile

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