Monday, January 9, 2012

December Goals Recap

Embarrassingly I just wrote November in the title.  Knock, knock, anyone home in my brain?  Wake up it’s already 2012!  Every year seems to go progressively faster and faster.

So I’ve been totally totally lazy this week.  More lazy than I care to admit.  Being on break and away from my normal routine took me for a loop and I’ve had a hard time getting back on track but this week is going to be better.  I promise myself.

Here’s my little recap of my December goals.

Goal 1: Get back in the pool


I swam one time in December for about 1500 yards.  Nothing to write home about but I got back in the pool.  It actually felt surprisingly good.  Usually when I get back in after being out of the water for a while it feels like I am drowning.  But I went just about as fast as my previous times.  I hope to keep up my swimming habit during the whole year!

Goal 2: Redesign and update blog

Okay so this didn’t happen…at all.  I am moving this back to January.  I really didn’t accomplish much over my Christmas break as I assumed I would.  However, January is a new month and this is a new goal.

Goal 3: Don’t Stress about Christmas

Success!  Christmas was a great time this year.  I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done before Christmas.  Even though one of my gifts looked like this.

Yeah that’s right I wrapped up a picture of what I gave my dad for Christmas.  Apparently ordering the gift on Amazon 5 days before Christmas and selecting Free Super-Saver Shipping will not get you the gift in time.  Oh well.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I really concentrated on not letting the stress of Christmas get to me this year and overall it didn’t.  There were a few less than stellar moments.  Especially the one where I was opening gifts at midnight because the Farmer’s sisters could absolutely not wait, but the majority was good.

Goal 4: Take a vacay to Colorado

A+++++  It was a great vacation and a great way to spend my time off.  I should tell you about my vacation but here are a few teaser pictures.

Goal 5: Make friends with the foam roller

I didn’t quite hit my goal my goal of 3 days a week for 10 minutes, but I did make a closer friend with my foam roller.  It still hurts every time but I am hoping it eventually gets a little better. 
January goals tomorrow!

And hopefully my New Year goals soon-ish as well!

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