Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember that one time when…A gorilla?

So I wasn’t actually present for “remember this one time when”, but I’ve heard this story so many times that it is worth it to share.  And since I am dating the fool who is the main character in this story, you need to know it.

Remember that one time when…the Farmer dressed up as a gorilla.  That’s right, a gorilla.  I have no idea where they found a gorilla mask, but they did.  The Farmer popped on the gorilla mask and hopped in the car with my friends, Lacey and Justine.  Around town they went stopping at random places and frightening people.

One of those stops was the local filling station (doesn’t that sound sophisticated?).  La gorilla hobbled into the store and bought some snacks.  What does a gorilla eat, you ask?  Bananas! Duh! Of course, to conceal his identity la gorilla only grunted and pointed at bananas.  Then proceeded to pull out his wallet and purchase said bananas. 

The adventures of la gorilla weren’t complete yet.  Through town the group went cruising to see what other ruckuses they could cause.   Somewhere around this point, they apparently decided it would be a great idea to stick la gorilla into the trunk.  At the singular stoplight in town, the car came to a stop.  With a honk of the horn and a pop of the trunk, la gorilla popped out of the trunk and started making gorilla sounds.  La gorilla scaled a stoplight pole. 

La gorilla with our friend Prank

I only hope that the random Cascadians who witnessed this fine showing weren’t scared of la gorilla. 

I said it once and I’ll say it again.  We had to make our own fun.

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