Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday {On Planning, Netflix, and Friends}

Okay so this week I didn’t buy myself anything like last week.  Okay, wait, I may have lied.  I went to Target this week.  Have you experienced the money such of Target?    Whenever I go in there I always buy at least one thing that I didn’t plan on, or need, for that matter.  Usually I spent at least $20 more than I was planning.  I consider this unnecessary spending completely unavoidable.  My only hope is avoiding Target until I really need to go there.

I’m thankful for my planner.  For some reason I really like the action of writing my events down on a calendar.  It makes me feel so organized, even though I’m, ummmmm, not, at all.  My to-do list get written in there and even though not all of it gets done, I still love checking things off each day. 


Let’s just say you don’t want to see the summer wedding schedule.  It’s ugly.

I’m thankful for Netflix.  It feeds my addiction.  I’ve had to find some new shows to watch because I consumed all the episodes of Bones, Lie to Me, and 30 Rock.  So I am currently feeding my addiction with Parenthood and Law & Order: SVU.  Wow, writing all those out makes me feel like I really do have a problem.

I’m thankful seeing my friends.  For some reasons the last few weekends I’ve had hard time convincing myself to be productive and social, but last weekend I met up with my friends Adam and Sam.  We went to Dave & Buster’s and spent a boat load of money to win some small prizes.  The most important thing though is that we all had fun together.  And we got to play fun kid arcade games like skee-ball.  And that stupid game where you have to get the tokens to push the other tokens off.  In the end all I came away with is Fun Dip, Sour Punch Straws, and a  Dave & Buster’s glass. 

I’m thankful for meal planning.  Did I really just say type that? Who am I?  Seriously though, it is helping me to actually eat meals at night instead of cereal.  And I also don’t have a extra produce going bad in my fridge at the end of the week.  It’s saving me money and I am eating nutritious.  It is also helping me to pack my lunch the night before instead of frantically packing it in the morning whilst flying around my apartment because I am late for work.


Tonight, a black bean fajita was consumed.  It was good.

I’m thankful for avocados.  They were on sale at the grocery store so several were purchased.  So delicious and nutritious.

I’m thankful sleeping.  I’ve been needing it this week.

I’m thankful for you.  Thanks for reading!

I’m thankful for cottage cheese and pineapple.  One of my ultimate snacks.

What are you thankful for?

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