Monday, February 13, 2012

February Goals

Like I said yesterday, this is a little late coming, but I am still participating because I want to have something to strive for the second half of this month.

Side note: It really bothers me when a person incorrectly uses the word "half" when they should be using 'third" or "quarter".  For example, "Coming up in the third half of the show".  This doesn't make any logical sense.  1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 1/2 (also known as 1.5).  How can 1 whole show be 1.5 shows long?  I'm looking at you Click and Clack from Car Talk.  You are driving me nuts!

I realize that everyone reading this is probably now rolling their eyes at me.  But I can't help it, I am very particular.  You may also think I am a nerd because I just admitted to listening to NPR for fun but hey, I like to be honest.  And I am a nerd.

Since February is nearly half over, I am cutting it down to 4 goals this month.

Goal 1:  Complete a craft project

Crafting used to be such a regular part of my life.  At different times I've crocheted, sewed, scrapbooked,  and completed many other random crafty things.  For some reason, ever since I've been at my current job I haven't been doing as much crafting.  I am blaming the TV for sucking all my time away.  Current unfinished projects included a sundress--sewing project, a winter jumper--crochet project, and a scrapbook.  I am admittedly sick of scrapbooking but I want to finish using up the pictures and pages I have left.  I realize I don't take as many pictures anymore.  I may still do some smaller scrap projects of trips I've taken but no more huge scrapbooks.  It can also be an expensive hobby so I am glad I'm not buying anything anymore.

My goal is to finish at least one craft projects and make some progress on the other craft projects.  I despise unfinished business!

Goal 2: Incorporate morning workouts!

Morning workouts were mentioned several times in the January Goals Recap.  Several studies show that even though late afternoon may be the best time for your body to workout, morning exercisers are more consistent.  Lately getting to the gym after work has been a struggle for me because I am tired and hungry after a long day at the office.  Making exercise a morning activity means that I won't normally have any other commitments and sets the tone for the whole day.  Turns outs, morning exercise can also be good for your career.

It's unlikely I will do all my workouts in the morning, but when triathlon training picks up this spring, getting in two-a-day workouts should be a little easier.  I'll set my sights low to start out with and aim for 2 morning workouts a week Monday-Friday, weekends don't count.

Goal 3: Visit the Farmer in Wisconsin

So this may seem like a cheater goal especially when I tell you that I already made this happen.  But to be fair this first appeared in my November goal list and it hasn't happened till now.  Sad, but true.  He's lived in Wisconsin since September when he got a new job and only a two and a half hour drive has kept me from visiting him there.  It's pathetic that this has taken 5 months but to be fair, he travels back to our hometown almost every weekend.

I'll have to tell you about all of our Wisconsin adventures soon!

Goal 4: Limit sugar intake

This seems a little ironic since I just ate a donut.  Darn you office goodies.

Almost every year for the past 5 or so years, I have given up sweets for the Lenten season. At times the challenge has gotten the best of me and I fall off the wagon prematurely, but I've done fairly well in the past with only a few slip-ups.  This year I will be attempting to do it once more and complete it with flying colors. It seems that once I stop eating desserts and treats all the time I stop craving sugar.  Don't get me wrong, I love indulging in the occasional treat, but when every night after dinner I convince myself I need some dessert, I realize I have a problem.  Usually this dessert fiend shows up around Christmas time and sticks around through January and February till I eventually decide to kick the habit.  It's a vicious cycle.

Lent starts in a little over a week so till then I will try to cutback on the sugar consumption so I don't go into withdrawal.  Don't talk to me because I might be cranky.

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What are your goals this month?
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