Sunday, February 12, 2012

January Goals Recap

Oh hey, January 12, where the heck did you come from.  I meant to do this a long while ago, um well, 12 days ago to be exact.  But for some reason it didn’t happen.  Meh.  I’ll do it now to make it up to you. 

My original January goals are here.

Goal 1: Find a new dentist and make an appointment.

Check and check. 

I finally did this! I went to the dentist on February 2nd! Even though it had been over 1 year since I’d been to the dentist I am proud to say I am still cavity free!  The dental hygienist just told me that I need to floss more, which I already knew but am still notoriously inconsistent with it.  I am trying to improve at it but I am not going to make any promises.

Goal 2: Swim regularly

Well I definitely made swimming a more regular part of my exercise regime.  I probably swam an average of 2 times a week in January but there were a few weeks when I made it up to 3 times a week. 

Of course more swimming means more strange stories from the pool.

I’ve noticed I feel better in the water when I am swimming more regularly.  My technique is better and my pace is faster.  Now I just need to convince myself that I need to keep going to the pool.  I want to try to start getting up for the gym in the morning but I have yet to be able to accomplish this.  I just love sleeping in in the morning way too much.  Getting out of bed is such a chore in the morning.  Any one have any tips for switching over my sleep schedule to get up for morning workouts?

Goal 3: Update Blog

After two months of the goal list I finally completed this! I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, but I did at least update the About page and added a Contact page.  I also updated my Blog Roll page so you can see what blogs I have been reading lately. 

My Workouts page still leave a bit to be desired but  am still debating  how I would like to do it.  I think I am going to start sharing my daily workouts once again.  I should also share my half-marathon training plan on that page as well.  Maybe that will actually make me accountable for my plan. 

I have yet to switch to Wordpress but I need to do some more exploring on Wordpress’s setup before I make the jump.

Goal 4: Decorate Apartment

Welp, I re-signed my lease so it looks like I will be staying put for another year.  I did take some time to put up a bit of décor, but I still haven’t printed off new pictures to put in picture frames and hang up.

IMG_1407  IMG_1408

My blurry wall art.

Goal 5: Arrive at work earlier


Morning and I are just not friends.  I can’t help it.  I’ll be there on time one day and then the next day I will roll in at 8:15.  No consistency here.  I have a feeling if I start getting up in the morning to exercise I will also start getting to work on time. 

Now I just have to start about getting myself out of bed.

(Half) February goals coming soon!

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