Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remember that one time when…

Happy February bloggies and bloggettes! Already one month down in twenty twelve.  One year ago today a snow-pocalypse  dumped about 2 feet of snow all over the city.  I was still in Iowa City at the time since I hadn’t started my new job yet.  This year it was much fairer weather. Warm and sunshiney with hardly any snow left on the ground.  For this featured post I am doing a flashback to that blizzard.

Remember that one time when…we went on an adventure.  Iowa City may have not gotten as much snow as Chicago, but it was definitely still a blizzard.  Enough to close down the university for the day.  I worked over at the hospital and was planning on taking the bus to work since it is already approximately a 30 minute walk without any trudging through the snow.  I’m sure that would have added at least another 15 minutes.  Turns out the snow also shut down the busses for the morning so I decided to take a day off from work.  Around noon my roommate and I got a call from my friend Laura and her roommate.  They were having cabin fever and wanted to get out for an adventure. 

Off to the grocery store! Boots, snow pants, hats, winter coats, gloves and double socks to stay warm.  And we were off!  Through the snow we trudged, to climb the snow pile mountains.  We were headed to the grocery store, not really because we needed any groceries, but we thought it would be fun to make a good meal on our day off. 

On the way back from the grocery store we took a shortcut through a shoveled sidewalk.  Turns out that sidewalk was the one to the adult video store.  As we were walking by, an apparent employee stepped out from a side door to inform us the store was closed.  Uh, thanks??  We all started laughing and tried to explain that we weren’t really interested in browsing around the store.  We just went on our merry way and the employee went back inside. 

The not so fun part of the snow day was digging out my car.

I wish I could have another snow day!

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