Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remember that one time when…Dr. Love

Well I need to do some kind of “Remember that one time when” post related to Valentine’s Day.  All I could think of though was this story about Dr. Love. 
Remember that one time when…I accosted by Dr. Love at a football game.  So it is always a tradition at Iowa football games to dress up for Halloween and go the game.  People come up with some very interesting costumes.  My personal favorite activity is to search for all the Waldo’s in the crowd a la Where’s Waldo?  But it is also fun to count the number of Teletubbies in the crowd.
During my last year at Iowa we happened to stand by a guy dressed up as a donut.
At this particular football game, we decided to make a trip to the concession stand--a rarity for me.  I decided on the pretzel because I love its salty goodness.  I have weird habits when it comes to food so I ate the middle part of my pretzel first, making a heart.
It just so happened that one of the guys standing near me was dressed up as Dr. Love, a gynecologist.  He insisted that we take a picture together.  So I present to you Dr. Love and Alyssa’s Heart-Shaped Pretzel.
So incredibly classy. 
I asked Dr. Love if he had any great pick-up lines related to love and gynecology yet and he answered no.  So I proceeded to brainstorm for the remainder of the game.  Too bad I can’t remember any of them now.
Pretty sure I also dropped part of that pretzel on the ground.  I was extremely upset but I picked up the pretzel right away.  After conferring with my friends we decided that the 10 second rule still applied and I ate the rest of the pretzel.  That’s disgusting but I don’t care.
The end.
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