Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remember that one time when…you got a little somethin’ right there

It’s Wednesday.  Not sure what it is about this week, but I am super tired this week.  So I am giving myself a break and going to bed early and taking it easy.  Hopefully I will kick out of this slump soon.

This weeks memory is inspired by my old roommate Staci who I’ve been talking to a lot this week.

Remember that one time when…why didn’t you tell me I had crap on my forehead.  I was hanging out with my roommate Staci and Laura.  It was shortly before Halloween and we were celebrating by making popcorn balls and carving pumpkins.  We started first with the pumpkins.  I carved this masterpiece.



Pumpkin Pi, get it? 

Next up, was the popcorn balls.  First the jello and marshmallow combination was mixed.

Till it was nice and gooey.

Apparently, sometime around this time I started eating raspberries.  They must have been very delicious because somehow this particle ended up on my forehead. 

What, you don’t see it?  Let me point it out.

Yup there it is.  I have no idea how long it was there.  So apparently, as Staci would tell you, she attempted to tell me that I had something on my forehead.  But Laura interrupted her and she took that as a sign that she wasn’t supposed to tell me. 

So I went obliviously on, mixing popcorn balls with raspberry on my forehead.  Until Laura wised up and laughed at my red dot situation.

That’s when Staci piped in that she tried to tell me, but her efforts were thwarted.  I asked why she didn’t try harder to tell me but I think she was slightly afraid of Laura’s intimidating personality.

Good news is the popcorn balls turned out great!

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