Friday, March 2, 2012

February Goals Recap

I can hardly believe it, but it's only the second day in March and I am already doing the February recap.  Seriously may be a record for me.

Happy Friday! I celebrated the day by leaving work a little early because of the quickly accumulating snow.  Then I made dinner for me and the Farmer that consisted of these black bean burgers and these crispy sweet potato fries.  The burgers turned out splendidly but the sweet potato fries still weren't crispy.  Hmmph.  I have a few more ideas for next time though.

I asked the Farmer to write a blog post for me and this is what he narrated.
Dear Blog, 
Tonight I had black bean burgers and beer with my boyfriend.   They were good.

The end.
Very well written post, don't you think?  Too bad you guys are stuck with me.   

Onto those goal recaps.  The original goal post is here.

Goal 1:  Complete a craft project.

I'm awarding myself 3 out of 5 stars on this one.  I scrapbooked 2 pages this month which means 2 more events done.  I only have a few pictures left so I am nearing the end.  Yippee!  Unfortunately, none of the other craft projects received any attention.  I did order some supplies for a new craft project I have in mind, which was probably a bad idea.  I am just adding more projects to the started-and-not-finished project pile.  These projects are taking up space so maybe I can wrap up a few soon!

Goal 2: Incorporate morning workouts!

I just couldn't do it.  Even with going to bed earlier, dragging my butt out of bed early the next morning seemed impossible.  I know the great benefits of hitting the gym in the morning but at 5:30 am that didn't matter at all.  I might attempt this again sometime but for now I am just going to embrace after work exercising.  Once triathlon training picks up, I fear I will have no other choice than to get up early, but until then I will keep sleeping. 

Goal 3: Visit the Farmer in Wisconsin

Well, obviously, this already happened.  The weekend was great and filled with beer drinking and eating delicious food.  That, my friends, is one of my favorite kinds of weekends.  He may not be living there much longer so it's a good thing I got up there to visit when I did.  

Goal 4: Limit sugar intake

I have successfully avoided two rounds of office donuts.  Go me! Of course, I didn't  start this sugar restriction until Ash Wednesday (February 22), but a week and a half in and I am still doing great.  I did send out my sweets eating with a bang on Fat Tuesday--a concrete blizzard from Culver's with Twix and hot caramel.  Delicious and incredibly sugary.  I had a nice sugar coma sleep that night. 

I've found that I am craving sweets less since I've cut back.  Occasionally I will get a real hankering for dessert, but I just try to drink some water and distract myself with something else (like blog reading).  And if I still am wanting something after that I will eat a piece of fruit like frozen grapes or raspberries.

I am continuing this goal in March!

And because I am participating in the March photo a day challenge, here's my picture for today.


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