Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remember that one time when…I’ll sell you this pizza

I couldn’t decide what to have for a snack after dinner tonight but I was definitely hungry.  After staring in the fridge for a minute I just decided on a beer, a Fat Squirrel to be precise.  It was a good decision.  I really hope beer is a good recovery drink for workouts because it’s kind of becoming a staple in my post workout diet. 

I spent the weekend with Laura and we did a lot of reminiscing about our college adventures.  Although we only were really friends for about the last year and a half of college, we had a lot of fun together.  That may be an understatement.  This is one of those times.

Remember that one time when…I sold Laura a pizza out of my fridge.  One night Laura and I were out partying it up at the bars.  I believe it was a Thursday which is a very popular night to go out in college.  I can’t remember the details of that night but I have a feeling we ended up at Fieldhouse to dance.  Honestly, no matter how many times I claimed to hate that place I secretly loved it.  It was the best place to go dancing and boy, did I love dancing.  So I was always dragging my friends there. 


So anyways, I am guessing we closed down the bar that night and were heading home around 1:30 am.  Of course, after a night drinking we were a little hungry and wanted a mega-snack.  For some reason our go-to pizza place, Falbo Bros Pizza had a super long line so we skipped it.  Apparently sometime between the time we passed that and the time we got back to my apartment I decided I wasn’t hungry anymore.  But Laura had not decided that and she was still hankering for a snack. 

I was super tired by the time we got back (and maybe slightly drunk, or more than slightly) and really, really wanted to go to bed.  Laura decided that she needed to find a snack and then I remembered a frozen pizza in my freezer.  At first the pizza was to be made at my apartment but I quickly announced that I was going right to bed.  And so Laura decided to buy the pizza off me for approximately $3 and take the pizza home with her.  Meanwhile, my roomie, Staci, was observing this conversation the whole time.  Imagine her looking back and forth the whole time in silence while Laura and I banter. 

In the end, I sold Laura the pizza and made sure to tell her no less than 3 times that she needed to not fall asleep while the pizza cooked in the oven.  And then before she could even walk out the door I went into my room and got into bed.  I didn’t even bother to change my clothes. 

The  next morning I was confused when I found $3 in my pocket, but then I remembered the shenanigans from the night before and texted Laura to make sure she didn’t burn down her apartment. 

Have you ever forgot about a pizza in the oven?

There was one incident where I forgot about a calzone I was cooking up for leftovers in the oven.  Turns out it didn’t actually burn to a crisp!

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