Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Remember that one time when…t-pee.

Did you get outside and enjoy the nice weather today?  I can’t say I really did, but I didn’t wear my coat to the gym!   I also accidentally spent 2 hours at the gym today.  Oops.  I really wanted to go to a cycling class and after that still needed to do my strength training workout for Best Body Bootcamp.  This workout was much harder than my first workout and took me a while.  It didn’t help that I am still a little sore from Monday’s strength training workout.  For some reason my soreness is always worse the second day after exercise.  It really doesn’t help that I sit at a desk for most of the day because my muscles get even more sore throughout the day.  Oh well, hope they loosen up soon!

Remember that one time when…let’s go t-peeing.  Okay so I don’t know about you, but one of the pranks we liked to pull on each other back in the middle/high school age was to t-pee each other’s houses.  We would take cheap toliet paper and wrap it around bushes, throw it around trees, etc.  Actually now that I think about it, this was the only time I have ever t-peed anyone. 

Anyways, back to the story.  On her 14th birthday (I think this is correct?), my friend, Lacey’s, sister decided to give her a birthday present of taking her and a few of her other friends out to t-pee.  Very awesome birthday gift, I know.  Imagine a bunch of very excited 14-year-old girls ready to go t-pee.  The first friend’s house we chose was a complete bust because we remembered once we got there that they had a dog.  Ironically, the dog was also named Lacey.  I’m not kidding. 

So onto the next house we went.  This time we chose a classmate of ours.  Although we weren’t really close friends at the time, we had a very small class so we definitely associated with this girl.  Well, we went t-pee crazy and really toliet papered-up their yard.  We thought our work looked pretty darn good, although we couldn’t really see it since it was dark.  The next morning we wanted to drive by and admire our work, but when we got drove by, everything was already cleaned up.  Imagine our disappointment to see all our hard work gone! 

About a month later the subject of t-peeing somehow came up at school.  The t-peed girl slyly remarked to me something along the lines of “Like that one time you guys t-peed my house.”  Of course, I tried to deny my way out of it, but I guess it was pretty obvious from my face. 

And this whole time I thought we had sneakily got away with it.  Darn it.

Karma definitely came back to kick me in the a** later though.  Many pranks were directed towards me throughout the rest of high school.  But I never t-peed again. 

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