Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday [on daylight savings, friends, dresses]

Yippee Thursday!  My friend Laura is coming up tomorrow for the weekend.  We are going to go check out the green Chicago River and meet up with our other friend Laura.  I know, it’s confusing, lots of Laura.  Then we are all going to see Blue Man Group
But before we do all that, it’s time for Thankful Thursday!
I’m thankful for daylight savings time.  Hmm, never thought I thought I would be happy about losing an hour of sleep, but the daylight after work is wonderful.  Yesterday I managed an hour and a half bike ride after work.  I was so used to driving home in the dark or as the sun was setting that I almost forgot what the sunlight was like.  It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve had 70-80 degree weather here the last few days.
I’m thankful for friends to talk to.  So the Farmer got a new job and I am a little bitter about it.  I was sulking most of last week, but I got to talk to a friend this weekend.  And just talking about it, and admitting that I was mad and sad, made me feel better.  She probably doesn’t even know how much better talking made me feel, but I feel so relieved to get it out of my system.
I’m thankful for my foam roller.  It still hurts but it is helping me recuperate my legs. 
I’m thankful for dresses.  It’s warm and I don’t need to wear pants to work every day anymore.  Pretty sure I wear the same 5 pairs of pants to work each week.  I glad it’s warm again so I can wear skirts and dresses again.  Because, seriously, I was in a clothes rut.
I’m thankful for How I Met Your Mother. This show is awesome and I am watching it right now.  It’s hilarious.  My favorite is the young, college, goth Lily Aldrin. 
Happy Friday tomorrow!
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