Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday [On sweaty friends, Chobani, and spinning]

Heyyyyyyyy! I must make this Thankful Thursday short and sweet because I spent a lot of time tonight at the gym (spin, arm workout, and swimming!) and then making a delicious new recipe that I will be sharing soon. 

I’m thankful for friends who will sweat it out with me. While Laura was here this weekend we ran 10 miles and bike 19 miles.  Sometimes when I have friends visiting or I am visiting friends I do not get to squeeze in any exercise.  Then I regret not getting in a workout after indulging all weekend.  But with Laura, we almost always make working out a priority.  It puts us both in a better moods and we get a lot of time to chat and catch up.  While we were in Iowa City, exercise dates were a regular occurrence and now I miss having her as a workout buddy. 

I’m thankful for Chobani!  Guess what?!  I won a giveaway of Chobani over at Life with Lauren this week.  I am getting a case of Chobani!! If you come over and visit me I will share.  This means I will also get to try the new flavor I’ve been searching for—Blood Orange.  I love Chobani!  I used to only eat light fruit flavored yogurt and at first I did not  like greek yogurts at all.  But I tried it a few times and fell in love with the thicker, creamier texture and the tangy kick.  Now regular yogurt seems so boring. 

Okay, I will stop professing my love for Chobani.  But I have no promises when I actually get my case and eat it every day.  I’ll be singing its praises again.

I’m thankful for spin class.  It’s hard to find good bike routes in the area that I can ride on, but I can just head into spin class any day of the week.  Spinning classes are not the same as outdoor cycling but it is still an awesome workouts and my leg muscles still burn.  It also makes me sometimes think I am the sweatiest person at my gym.  My shirt is usually completely soaked by the end of my workouts.

Like I said, short and sweet tonight! Toodle loo!

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