Tuesday, April 10, 2012

birthday presents come in funny packages

Today I turned 24.  It was also the 101st day of the year.  All in all it was a pretty grand day.

I woke up early and made myself two eggs and toast eaten along with kiwi and orange juice.

Then I worked a long day and didn't get home till 6:15.  Not ideal.

I got approximately 10,000 notifications that people wrote on my facebook wall.  (Okay that's quite the exaggeration I have no where near that many friends.)

Possibly the best present of the day came next.  I went out for a 5 mile run and crushed my previous 5 mile pace.  Boo-yah.  I managed to whip out an 8:45 min pace.  I have no idea how this happened and I am pretty sure I have never run farther than 2.5 miles at that pace so I am pumped.  I think this proves I can be better than my head thinks I can.

The night was still young so I finished it up with a haricut and some self-serve froyo.

I tried out a new place called Yogurtland.

Let's just say I'm a fan.

The night ended with a slew of phone calls and a New Glarus Back 40 Bock.

It wasn't too bad of a birthday.  

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