Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bootcamp Recap Week 5

It’s already Sunday? Eek! I have no idea what happened!  Work keep me very busy week which is probably why it flew by!

In fact, this work week was so busy that I was too exhausted to workout on Wednesday, and uh, again on Thursday.  The Wednesday off day was okay since I worked till about 6, but the Thursday skip shouldn’t have happened.  I would have felt so much better if I squeezed in a workout. 

My workouts this week looked like this.

  • Monday – 1 hr spin class, BBB workout A push strength drop sets, 1300 yd swim
  • Tuesday – 5.2 mile run @ 8:45 pace
  • Wednesday – Off
  • Thursday – Off
  • Friday – 40 min tempo run, BBB Workout D pull strength drop sets, 1400 yd swim
  • Saturday – BBB Workout B push circuit intervals
  • Sunday – 40 mile bike

That’s 2 swims, 2 bikes and 2 runs.  One short each of the goal.  I did manage 3 strength workouts which is quite the change from previous weeks.  Saturday's long run also was missed due to some crappy looking weather.  It was gloomy all day and I was afraid to start in case it poured on me.  I’ve run in the rain before but it doesn’t ever end well.  The chaffing is ugly.

My goals for the week were accomplished without  fret.

  • Pray each day
  • Eat a healthy breakfast

I think I managed to do both of these every day this week. Wahoo!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring food with me on the bike again today.  Last time I forgot food on the bike it was a disaster, but this time wasn’t too bad.  I was definitely hungry when I returned home but I didn’t feel like my body was bonking this time.  I ran out of water this time which was not good.  I might have to invest in another water bottle cage for my bike. 

This week’s strength workouts featured a new-to-me concept—drop sets.  For drop sets we completed only two sets of each move but it seemed like 4 sets.  For the first part of the move you need to select a weight at which you can complete 8 reps.  It should be challenging! Then you decrease the weight and complete as many reps as possible till fatigue.  It was interesting to see how many reps of each exercise I could do until failure.  Squats  were much easier than shoulder raises! 

Off to bed! Need to rest up for the week of workouts!

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