Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

It's Friday and my brain is too tired to come up with a coherent post.  So instead I present you with a list of random sh*t.

1.  I wore only one earring yesterday.  All day.  I finally removed that one after working 8 hours, going to a business lunch, working out and getting ice cream.  No one said anything so I am just going to assume they didn't notice.  

2.  Upon realizing I was missing an earring I faintly recalled waking in the middle of the night and realizing the back had fallen off my left earring and then setting the earring on my nightstand.  Lo and behold it was actually there.

3.  Remember how I did Best Body Bootcamp? Well, I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but there were prizes each week and a big grand prize at the end.

Yes,  I won.  When I saw this I seriously started sweating and my heart started beating faster.  Then I started second guessing myself.  What if there is another Alyssa N and I am getting excited over nothing.  But then I received the email and I did a little party dance in my head (because I was at work).

Sometimes I am super lucky.

If you hate me for winning, I'm sorry.  If it makes you feel better, I have decided that I am going to donate some of it to a few of my favorite causes.

4.  I ran 6 miles last night and chaffed my armpit.  Ouch.  I am officially retiring that shirt from any official running duties.  Lifting and biking will still be allowed.

This is the shirt....

that caused this gross scab/wound.
I can still see that scar.  It's faint, but it is still there.

5.  Today is Star Wars Day.  May the fourth be with you.  Get it?  I had no idea this was a day until I logged onto facebook this morning.  I think I may celebrate by watching one of the movies tonight.  I'm a closet geek.

6.  I'm making this for dinner tonight - Baked Falafel Balls.  Don't know why, but I've had falafel on the brain for awhile now.  I was determined to eat at Oasis - The Falafel Joint when I was in Iowa City two weekends ago, but somehow I ended up at Short's Burger and Shine instead.  Don't get me wrong, Short's makes a mean black bean burger (seriously the best one I've ever eaten), but now I am stuck with still craving falafel with the smoothest, creamiest hummus.  I must go back!

7.  I have big plans this weekend.  They mostly include visiting my friend Laura and drinking copious amounts of margaritas and eating my body weight in salsa, guacamole, and enchiladas.  It sounds so awesome already.

8.  The croup is still bothering me.  Mostly my lungs.  Go away, no one likes you, croup.

9. I found 20 bucks in my pocket this morning.

10. I am one lucky son of a gun. *see no. 3 and 9.

Happy Friday to everyone!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend/Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/Talladega Race?
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