Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday [on easy meals, long bike rides, and my new PR]

Holy hot weather Batman!  I wish I could spend the day outside instead of being stuck in the cube.  I’ll have to bring back the outdoor lunches at work. 

Sometimes though, the heat makes me really tired!  I came home and sat on the couch for way too long before I decided to get off my but at run 6 miles.  I’m glad I did it thought because it made me feel more energized.  Now I just need to clean up my kitchen and make my lunch for tomorrow. 

I’m thankful for quick and easy meals. I haven’t been much in the mood to cook this week so I’ve had some smoothies and popcorn for dinner.  I guess that is the nice thing about living alone—there is no one else to feed!  I’ve eaten ice cream for dinner before.  Not the healthiest decision, but delicious.

I’m thankful for nice weather and long bike rides.  I went for a 30 mile bike ride after work yesterday.  That’s the longest I‘ve ridden on a weekday.  I went to a forest preserve so I didn’t have to worry about crossing too many streets (just once each loop).  It’s nice to ride without stopping at stop signs every block.

I’m thankful for an awesome half marathon.  Yeah I’m still not done being happy about my PR.  Even if I was sick, it is still awesome to have a good race.  It’s a great feeling to know you worked hard and trained for several weeks and achieved your goal!

I’m thankful for lazy Sundays with ice cream.  Mmmhmmm.  This is how Laura and I recovered from our race on Sunday.  I’m glad we think alike. 

I’m thankful for sleep.  It’s where I’m going right now!

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