Friday, August 24, 2012

Wis Dells 2012--Starting Vacation off Wrong

In a summer filled with over a dozen weddings, several races, and even more long training weekends, I wasn't sure if the Farmer and I would be able to squeeze in any vacation.  Turns out, we had one, yes one, free weekend before Labor Day.  I, of course, wanted to sneak in a quick trip to where else, but the Wisconsin Dells.  In my 24 years of life, I have probably been there 15+ times.  At first, the Farmer was very against this idea, explaining that he was tired of the Dells because WE GO THERE EVERY YEAR.  He was also extremely upset when he found out that Noah's Ark Waterpark replaced his very favorite ride, The Plunge, with some silly not nearly as fun ride.  I thought he might boycott the trip completely but in the two weeks leading up to the vacation he finally gave into the idea.  Most likely because neither of us could come up with any other good ideas for where we could go in 3 days.

Usually I am all over planning like white on rice, but for some reason I let this trip completely slip.  I was unmotivated and the Farmer wouldn't answer any of my questions.  Which meant I was scrambling to find a hotel as I was driving up there on Thursday night.  The Farmer refused to stay at the Carousel Inn because it was "kiddie-heaven" and I refused to stay at the same hotel as last year because of it's sketchy bathroom.  I've noticed lately that hotels in the Dells can pretty much be separated into two categories over-priced, expensive resort hotels with indoor waterparks and over-priced crappy hotels.  We ended up with a reservation in the latter.  By the end of our stay, we realized the bathroom ceiling was leaking and no matter where we put our hotel keys they always de-magnetized and we couldn't get into our room.   The bright side is, the hotel wasn't too spendy.

Vacation already wasn't off to the best start but we were determined to make the best of it.

Then it got worse.

I woke up around 7 am because I've apparently lost the ability to sleep in when I don't have to be at work (although I still struggle to get up at 6:45 am on work days?).  And since the Farmer was certainly not getting up at that hour, I put on my running shoes for a little 10K morning run.  I started by running through downtown Dells then a little out-and-back on the shortest river walk ever.

As I was on my way back to the hotel, I realized I was only at about 4.5 miles and wanted to get to the full 6.2 so I headed out on a little back road for a bit.

A little over a half mile in a car showed up on the road in front of me, I moved towards the left to give the car plenty of room.  Since it was a country road there was no curb and the edges curved off pretty quickly.

My left ankle lost it and rolled over.  I pitched forward and sprawled out over the rocky road.


As I slowly dragged myself up to my feet, I wondered if I would even be able to walk back to the hotel.  I tentatively put some weight on my left foot and realized though it hurt I could probably start walking back.  My right knee and calf were scraped up as was the outside of my thigh.  A good chunk was taken out of my palm.

I had my phone with me so I tried calling the Farmer, praying that he would pick up.  No dice.  I left him a desperate voicemail which he later replayed for me.  Not cool.  I called him 6 more times.  I thought he was still sleeping and I was pissed that he wasn't answering.

I was a mess. I was limping.  My leg was bleeding.  And I was crying.

The Farmer finally called me back when I was about a quarter mile from the hotel.  Don't bother coming to pick me up now.

Then I had to shower and attempt to scrub the asphalt out of my leg wound.  Not cool.  Thankfully the Farmer was nice and helpful and retrieved some ice for me.

I wasn't about to let my stupid ankle derail my plans for vacation so I loaded up on ibuprofen and we headed off to Noah's Ark for the day.

The pain wasn't actually too bad and the swelling was under control, but I certainly had to hobble a bit and couldn't walk fast.  I knew my ankle would be more sore the next day, which it was so I was glad we went through with the plan to go the the waterpark Friday.

It was sooo cold outside that day though and we spend a lot of time laying in lawn chairs wrapped up in our towels and I couldn't even get into the wave pool.

That evening we had dinner at the Riverwalk Pub were the Farmer enjoyed a New Glarus Spotted Cow and I a Port Huron Honey Blonde.  Our food was delicious as well even though it took a while.  Our server was awesome though and brought me out a complimentary side salad after I told him I was going to eat my arm.

We enjoyed walking a bit on the Riverwalk before we head to head back so I could ice my foot some more and watch more Olympics.

The adventures continued on Saturday when we got lost on the way to the cheese factory.  And I almost had a breakdown in the car.

Thankfully the bad starting going away and good adventures became aplenty after this.

More on the rest of our adventures tomorrow.
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