Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

1.  Thanks to another Alyssa for sharing this website for reviews of a banana slicer.

2.  I am a Apple hater only because I think people are obsessed with the Apple name even if they don't know anything about the product. And therefore, I love this video

3.  Okay one more link, #myfriendsaremarried.  I can't remember who I found this link from, but it's awesome.

4. Making popcorn is dangerous business.

Goodbye beer glass.

5. Funny search terms (stole this idea from Kelsey)
  • "spin class" and "orange juice" (yeah not sure those together are a great idea)
  • big thighs wear glasses (yes, people with big thighs can wear glasses too)
  • boy smelly shoes (are you talking about my brother?)
  • october is make it happen month (if you say so)
6. I bought raw shrimp to prepare this week.  It was gross and way too much work.  I had to peel them and de-vein them.  And I'm never buying them again.

7. I joined my first fantasy football league this year with a bunch of other novices.  I'm 2-1 so far.  Not too bad for having no idea how to play!

8.  Speaking of football, I don't even know what happened on Monday night at the Packer's game.

9.  I'm hoping my other fav football team-the Hawkeyes-can turn their season around and stat.  

10. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iowa’s Best Dam Triathlon

Triathlon #6 complete.  I have to say this was a pretty tough one.  I think they should rename this triathlon Iowa’s Hilliest Triathlon because that is certainly what it felt like.

Iowa’s Best Dam Triathlon – Olympic
September 16, 2012 @ 8:30 am
1.5 km swim
38 km bike
10k run

Honestly, I didn’t really do much any training for this triathlon.  I swam 3 times the week before this triathlon and that was the only swimming I’d done since the last triathlon I did.  I’ve been going to cycling class fairly regularly, but I haven’t been running since the ankle injury. For some reason, this sprain took a while to heal and I don’t think I am back to 100% yet. 

My mom was gracious enough to  come along with me to the race.  And I thanked her by handing her all my keep-warm layers right before the race started.  Thanks Mom!  The Farmer was supposed to be my triathlon sherpa for the race but he decided 6 am was too early for him bailed and then ended up with a migraine anyways.  I guess karma’s a b**ch Matt!

I had packed up most of my gear the night before so I was ready to leave at five to 6 and I was still waiting on my mom to leave.  Just goes to show that running lately runs in our family.  For some reason the perpetually running late problem doesn’t apply to races anymore—probably because of that terrible last minute arrival at Chicago.  Now I really like to be early with plenty of time to spare.

We still arrived plenty early and I was able to pick up my race packet, get body-marked and drop off all my crap in transition.  It was still chilly from the overnight and so I was wearing a jacket and pants yet.  I walked around a bit with my mom, ran for about 30 seconds, did some dynamic stretching and used the port-o-potty’s.  Not much of a warm-up but because I wasn’t overly concerned about my time for this race, I didn’t worry.  We were getting close to race time so I reluctantly shed my extra layers and began the slow process of squeezing into the wetsuit.  This time I remembered to put Body Glide on my neck so no chaffing there!
I realized they were already starting the pre-race meeting so I finished stuffing myself into the wetsuit and my mom zipped me up.  I didn’t miss too much in the meeting.  The swim was a counterclockwise triangle keeping buoys to your left, roads are great on the bike course, that’s it.  I was the third wave so there wasn’t time to waste after that. 

Swim – 25:44

The swim was pretty uneventful.  The water was dirty like always and I couldn’t see.  One story worth mentioning is that a guy actually pushed me over in the water.  I think he get caught between me and another swimmer (also let me note, that I certainly do not swim in a straight line and definitely zig-zag the swim course).  When I did a breast stroke to sight the next buoy, his head was also out of the water and he actually took his arm out and shoved me over.  Sorry for running into you, but that is pretty par for the course on open-water swims. 
I believe the swim course was a bit short because I managed to finish the swim in 25:44 which is a 1:28/100 yards pace.  I am not that fast. 

Transition 1 – 2:32

It was a fairly short run up the beach to the transition area.  My bike was a ways down in transition closer to the bike exit, but thankfully the bikes were spread out and I had no problem finding my spot.  Getting off my wetsuit was easy peasy.  I quickly slipped on my socks and bike shoes and took off on a jog out of transition.


Bike – 1:28:15

So incredibly hilly.  Right out of transition, the bike course goes up a steep hill, then down, then back up to cross the dam.  My heart rate was soaring and I could not catch my breath.  That’s normal for me coming out of transition, but I just try to spin easy for about the first 10 minutes.  Of course, there is no easy spinning when you are constantly climbing hills. 
I told my mom that  the bike would take me about 1 hour 20 minutes, but I underestimated the hilliness of the course.  I had to stand up to climb a lot of hills.  I even saw some people walking their bikes up the hill.  It was that bad. 
So while I was biking my mom took pictures of deer.

Transition 2 – 2:07

I was so glad to be off the bike but my legs were so shot.  I swear my legs felt better coming off the half-Ironman bike.  I tried to quickly run my bike to my rack but I was jogging so slowly. 

Run – 1:03:51

The run course was also hilly, but more of the long, gradual type.  It was an out and back run and I felt like it took forever to get to the turnaround.  But sometime around then my legs actually loosened up a bit and I was able to run more than the shuffle-shuffle I was doing before that. So I think I was actually able to negative split on the run portion. 

Finish – 3:02:26

I was hoping to go sub-3 hours in this race, but obviously that didn’t happen.  I still think it is achievable for me if I put in the training.  It is a new Olympic distance PR for me though!
I ended up winning my age group (when you don’t count the collegiate athletes) so that is pretty exciting! I certainly wasn’t expecting that (although my age group was very tiny).

FYI:Although I’ve placed in my last two triathlons, I definitely don’t consider myself a “podium” triathlon.  But I think that sometimes it just comes with the territory of doing smaller races.  I don’t do smaller races to place.  I do them because I enjoy the atmosphere and less pressure feeling of smaller races.  And also because they tend to have lower race entry fees.

I think this race will be my last triathlon for the 2012 season. I plan on using the winter to build my strength back up and working on speed.  I also am looking at more run races.
I’ll let you know what my next big plans are when I figure them out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I've been up to lately

1. Eating green beans that I picked with my own two hands from my momma's garden..
2. Painting ombre nails using this example.
3. Finishing my 2nd Olympic triathlon.  And cursing every hill on the course.  Recap coming soon!
4. Eating fresh grapes from my grandma's vines.  And sucking down some of the juice my mom made from them.
5. Riding the four-wheeler with the Farmer.  Checkin' out some cows.

6.  Going to more weddings.
And dancing the night away of course.
7.  Putting my hair in sock buns-both good and bad.
8. Urging my peppers and tomatoes to grow so I can eat them.  Not working by the way.
9. Trying on skinny jeans and wondering if they were supposed to suck in around your knee like that.  I chose not to buy them.

10. Leading in Buck Hunter for the first time ever.
That's me AJN.  Seriously this never ever happens. Ever.
11. Laughing at the Christmas paper wrapped gift at a wedding.   
But wait, it's actually partly from me.  
(Sorry for the craptastic photos-it was very dark in there)
12.  And not blogging. Oops.  Be back soon. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Goals

Remember when I used to post monthly goals and recaps? Chances are you don’t because it was so long ago.  I can’t think of anything noteworthy to write today, or rather I don’t want to complain about all the crappy football games I watched this weekend.  So I am bringing back the goals.  I enjoyed those posts anyways. 

I’m going to do a quick recap of my way long ago April goals first.

Goal 1. Complete half marathon and PR. CHECK!

The half marathon went awesome and I finished with a 15+ minutes PR.

Goal 2.  Take a new class at the gym. CHECK!

It took me till the end of August to go, but I went to Zumba.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a Zumba class but it was a lot of fun.

Goal 3. April Photo a day.  half-check.

It partially happened but I only got in half the photos.  I was too lazy to put together a collage.

Goal 4. Take better care of skin.  CHECK!

I’ve been much better about washing my face before bed every night and after working out.

Goal 5. Spring cleaning.  CHECK!

This happened, but my apartment is now so dirty again.  Maybe a fall cleaning?

Onto the new goals!

Goal 1.  Strength train 3 times a week.

So I been a little bit unmotivated ever since I finished the half Ironman.  Which was almost 2 months ago now.  So I will just tell you I’ve been quite the lazy pile for a bit.  I seem to have hit a groove with exercise now, in the last week so I plan to continue on this path. 

Goal 2.  Clean apartment weekly. 

The summer months have been filled with non-stop traveling.  The casualty has been my apartment.  I lost count of how many times I unpacked my clean clothes from my laundry basket on Thursday night and repacked it with dirty laundry to take home.  Pathetic.  I should be too embarrassed to tell you that my kitchen floor had so many crumbs on it, I hated to walk on it. 

Goal 3.  Floss regularly.

I went to the dentist and they always remind me that I need to floss more.  It is just one of those things that I always neglect though.  I think once I get into the habit it will stick but it will take a few weeks to form the habit.

Goal 4.  Compete in one more triathlon.

I have a few in mind, but I really want to round out the summer with another triathlon.  I’ve only done two this summer and a third would make me very happy!

That’s all the goals I have for this month!

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