Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

1.  Thanks to another Alyssa for sharing this website for reviews of a banana slicer.

2.  I am a Apple hater only because I think people are obsessed with the Apple name even if they don't know anything about the product. And therefore, I love this video

3.  Okay one more link, #myfriendsaremarried.  I can't remember who I found this link from, but it's awesome.

4. Making popcorn is dangerous business.

Goodbye beer glass.

5. Funny search terms (stole this idea from Kelsey)
  • "spin class" and "orange juice" (yeah not sure those together are a great idea)
  • big thighs wear glasses (yes, people with big thighs can wear glasses too)
  • boy smelly shoes (are you talking about my brother?)
  • october is make it happen month (if you say so)
6. I bought raw shrimp to prepare this week.  It was gross and way too much work.  I had to peel them and de-vein them.  And I'm never buying them again.

7. I joined my first fantasy football league this year with a bunch of other novices.  I'm 2-1 so far.  Not too bad for having no idea how to play!

8.  Speaking of football, I don't even know what happened on Monday night at the Packer's game.

9.  I'm hoping my other fav football team-the Hawkeyes-can turn their season around and stat.  

10. Happy weekend!

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