Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I've been up to lately

1. Eating green beans that I picked with my own two hands from my momma's garden..
2. Painting ombre nails using this example.
3. Finishing my 2nd Olympic triathlon.  And cursing every hill on the course.  Recap coming soon!
4. Eating fresh grapes from my grandma's vines.  And sucking down some of the juice my mom made from them.
5. Riding the four-wheeler with the Farmer.  Checkin' out some cows.

6.  Going to more weddings.
And dancing the night away of course.
7.  Putting my hair in sock buns-both good and bad.
8. Urging my peppers and tomatoes to grow so I can eat them.  Not working by the way.
9. Trying on skinny jeans and wondering if they were supposed to suck in around your knee like that.  I chose not to buy them.

10. Leading in Buck Hunter for the first time ever.
That's me AJN.  Seriously this never ever happens. Ever.
11. Laughing at the Christmas paper wrapped gift at a wedding.   
But wait, it's actually partly from me.  
(Sorry for the craptastic photos-it was very dark in there)
12.  And not blogging. Oops.  Be back soon. 
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