Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

1.  It's almost 10 pm on a Friday night and I'm waiting for my boyfriend to arrive for the weekend.  I think it's been at least three months since the last time he was here!

2.  It's been a crazy work week for me.  I have two projects that are really keeping me busy.  I don't mind being busy but I was definitely ready for the end of the day today!

3. I've had some more random search terms this week
  • how to answer annoying wedding question (yes, you need this)
  • arg haircut (arg, that's what most people think after I give them a haircut)
  • diet mountain dew pet water dish (ummmm)
  • ragnar bathroom (ah, the lovely port-o-potty)
  • sexy triathlon girl (gee, thanks?)
  • toe hole slippers  (I have those)
4.  I finally have all my clocks turned back.  It only took me 5 extra days.

5. Dear Hawkeyes, please play a respectable game tomorrow.  Thanks.

6. I ask the boyfriend what he wanted to make for us to eat this weekend and all he requested was oatmeal bake.  Much too easy to please.

7.  Matt's here. I must go. 

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