Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Goals

November seemed like such a promising month for me.  The weather started off so beautifully and then it cold and then warm again and then freezing.  And now it's December and we had a few 60 degree days.  I started off very strong with my goals-yoga-ing, running, and cleaning like a real go-getter.  And then came Thanksgiving and work got really busy (I feel like I've mentioned this a couple thousand times already), and the goal getting went downhill quickly. 

Here's how the goals went down.

Goal 1.  Do yoga once a week.  2 out of 4 

When I am most busy and stressed, yoga is probably one of the most helpful things I can do, unfortunately that's also when it is hardest to squeeze in a class.  Most classes at my gym start at 6:15, which is fine for a normal week because I can still work till 5:30 and make the class.  But when I was still at work at 6 pm, it meant no yoga.  I did try out a new instructor and really enjoyed her teaching so I hope to keep making yoga a priority in my workout schedule.  

Goal 2. Follow a cleaning schedule.  Good, then very bad.

The schedule I was supposed to follow was very helpful.  And early on in the month, I had amazing results.  All I did was set the timer for 20 minutes and once it went off, I could stop cleaning.  It made a big difference in the day to day appearance of my apartment.  But I tend to lack motivation to clean after I get home at night and once I was out of the habit, the mess came right back.  

Goal 3. Keep a gratitude journal.  Fail.

This just never happened.  I didn't start at the beginning of the month and then I just let it go.  I will be repeating this goal for December.  

Goal 4. Run three times a week.  Check!

Finally, a goal I met!  With the sun coming up later and later each day, most of my runs have been on the treadmill (I don't have any running in the dark safety clothing yet).  I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill, but it is forcing me to run at a more consistent pace.  I've still been getting outside once on the weekends, for my "long" runs.  The weather has been pretty gorgeous so running has been fun.  I have a feeling I won't enjoy running outside as much when it's freezing.   

I wanted to say that I'm not really sure if December goals can go much worse than November goals, but I shouldn't say that.  With the holidays and the many holiday parties and Christmas celebrations Matt and I will have to attend, the goals could just not happen.  So as to not set myself up for failure this month, I am setting goals I think are achievable given the circumstances.

Goal 1.  Keep a gratitude journal.

I told you I was repeating this.  Christmas and the holiday season have a special ability to stress me out.  I tend to worry too much about finding a special and meaningful gift for each person and then I leave too much gift buying till the very last minute. Then I am just irritable and not thankful.  

I hope this will help me reflect on each day and keep a more positive outlook overall.

Goal 2. Make Christmas cards.

I came up with this really funny idea for Christmas cards two years ago, but have never followed through on making them.  I feel like it might be a little strange for me to send out Christmas cards just from me.  But I will probably be sending them only to friends (and not family) so they already know I'm weird.  Also, I think it would be even weirder if I sent out Christmas cards with just Matt and I.  I know some other couples do that, but that is just not us.  

Goal 3. Finish at least one craft project.

This is a conundrum I find myself in often-several partially completed projects strewn about around the apartment and neglected.  I lose interest in one project and I pick up another.  Then I become more interested in watching 100 episodes on Netflix than any of the projects.  It's time to wrap up some old projects so I can start some new ones in the new year.

Goal 4. Clean off dining room table.

Oh look, another cleaning goal.  This table is the catch all for almost everything I bring in the door.  And I hardly ever eat at the table.  Important papers need to be filed away and non-important junk needs to be tossed.  This way I can invite my friend over for dinner and not hide all the extra papers by putting them on a chair.  (I feel like I am turning into my mother because her dining room table is piled with papers as well.)

That's all the goals for December!
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