Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Racing Statistics

Why, hello. Part of my brain is still on vacation and the part that is remaining is focusing on work and surviving a lingering cold. No brain power has remained for blogging until today.

I saw this 2012 racing summary on Kim's blog and Lindsay played along as well. I thought it would be fun to see how I did this year.

Races participated in: 8
Races “raced” (of x amount above): 5
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 1 (the Capitol View Triathlon signed up before realizing it was the Sunday after Ragnar)

5K: 2
10k: 1
HM: 1
Sprint Triathlon: 1
Olympic Triathlon: 1
Half Ironman: 1

New to me distances: 5k, 10k, Half Ironman (it’s strange, but I’ve never run an organized 5k or 10k before this year outside of triathlons!)

States run in: 3 (Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois)

Road: 5
Technical Trail: 2
Months run in: 8 (April - October and December)
Hottest race: Toss up between Ragnar relay and Racine 70.3 (both we at least 90 degrees)
Coldest race: Schiller Chiller
Windiest race: Racine 70.3 - biking was always seemed to be into a headwind
Wettest race: Racine 70.3 because I was in the water the longest

Races I ran for free:  2 (my mom paid for Outrun the Rays and my boss paid for Ragnar)
Race entries I paid for other people:  2 (Camp Courageous Tri for Matt and Jared)
Total spent on race entries (me + others): 704.41 (ouch!)
Average cost (total/races participated in):  88.05
Cheapest race: Outrun the rays 5k $25
Most expensive race:  Racine $241.45 (ouch!)

Participation medals received: 3
Race glasses recieved: 2 tall glasses, 1 mug, and 1 shot glass

PRs:   6  (4 of them were new distances for me)
Placed in AG: 2 (Sprint and Olympic)

Races run alone: 1
Races run with others: 7
Illinois Half: Laura
Outrun the Rays 5k: my mom and my cousin Kristin
Ragnar: my coworkers
Racine 70.3: Laura
Camp Courageous Tri: Matt and my brother, Jared

Thriller in Schiller 5k: Lindsay, Katie, Kelsey and Emily
Schiller Chiller 10k: Lindsay, Erin, and Kim

Acted as pacer: 0
Races run without music: 6
Races run without Garmin: 8 (because I don’t have one)
Races run in costume: 1

Best Injury Photo:



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