Friday, January 18, 2013

Illinois Marathon Training Weeks 8 & 9

Since the last time I blogged, I've went on a trip to San Francisco and returned. It was great, even if it was a very quick trip.  I can't wait to tell you more about it and all the adventures I had there. And even the adventure of getting my mom to San Fran.

Now I'm back in the frigid Midwest and stuck with getting in miles in on the treadmill.  I shouldn't say stuck because I could run outside, but it's cold and I don't appreciate logging miles in the dark.  Good news is that I watch a lot more news these days.

Week 8

  • Monday: Rest (battling a cold)
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 7 miles (treadmill 9:40 pace)
  • Thursday: Zumba
  • Friday: 5 miles (treadmill 9:32 pace)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 13.5 miles
  • Total: 25.5 miles
I decided to take it a lot easier this week with cross training because I've been battling the same cold/cough since Christmas.  Not wanting to cut back on any runs, meant something else had to go and cross-training it was.  Monday and Tuesday were both spent lounging on the couch and watching tv and going to bed early.  I think I finally kicked this cold to the curb.  Yippee!!!

Week 9
  • Monday: 15 min elliptical, 1.25 hr yoga class
  • Tuesday: 5 mile (treadmill, which felt impossible!)
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes spin class
  • Thursday: 4.5 miles with 3 @ 9:09 pace, Zumba
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Walking around San Fran
  • Sunday: 1 hr walk with Mom, Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge (3 hours)
  • Monday: 1 mile incline walk, 10 minutes of strength circuits (morning), 6 miles along the Bay (evening)
  • Total: 15.5 miles run

This week was a recovery week, but instead of totally recovering I used it to get in a bunch of cross training-yoga, spinning, Zumba, and real biking.  Looking back I realize it was a pretty intense week for me.  My mom and I walked a ton while we toured San Fran, but I believe that is definitely the best way to explore.  

The biking excursion on Sunday was my first time being back on a hybrid/mountain bike since before I purchased my road bike.  I actually laughed at how difficult it was to ride and balance sitting so straight up.  The first time I started to pedal, I picked my foot up on the upstroke because I forgot my feet didn't clip in.  Although we realized San Francisco is very hilly, my mom and I didn't realize how strenuous it would be to bike across the bridge.  It was quite the incline to get up there.  Funny they didn't mention that you need to be physically fit when they rented us the bikes! We both survived though! And we both indulged on an ice cream sundae at Ghiradelli later!

Running along the bay on Monday evening was spectacular.  The path ran right along the water and I ran through some hilly trails in a park before finishing the run along the flat portion at sunset.  I wish I could have views like that on all my runs! But I guess it just makes me more fortunate when I do have runs like that.

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