Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Illinois Marathon Training Weeks 13 & 14

I made it back from Utah safely and without any broken bones from skiing! I'm still recovering and it sure was difficult to go to work yesterday.  Talk to me on Friday and I will probably be begging for a nap under my desk.

Week 13.

  • Sunday - 40 min walk
  • Monday - 2 miles, 1.25 hr yoga
  • Tuesday - 8 miles 
  • Wednesday - 6 with 4 @ 9:13
  • Thursday - Off
  • Friday - 13 miles
  • Saturday - 3 hrs skiing
  • Weekly Total - 29 miles
My long run was moved to Friday this week since Matt and I got on a jet plane at 5 am on Saturday morning. We had a snowstorm Thursday night which meant I stuck with the treadmill after work.  Not my favorite place to be but better than running outside in the dark and snow.   Four miles short of the 17 miles that was supposed to make up my long run this weekend, but I needed to get home before Matt showed up and I ran out of time.  I'm just glad I got any long run in this week.  

Week 14.

Not much to report for week 14.  We skied 6 of the 8 days we were in Utah and I counted that as my workout for the day.  On Wednesday morning, I ran 1 mile and then did 40 minutes on the elliptical.  That workout was so much harder than it should have been.  I think it was a combination of the altitude plus my sore legs from skiing.  It felt like I was running up a huge hill the entire mile.  Saturday we flew back from Utah and didn't get in till past midnight so I took that as a rest day. My body definitely needed it and I was still exhausted and sore on Sunday.

I am going to push all my workouts back by a week and repeat week 14's workout in week 15.  My plan is to cut out a 20 miler week later in the training cycle.  I haven't done a long run longer than 13 miles in a few weeks so I want to do a 17 or 18 miler before jumping up to the 20 mile long runs. 

I'm trying to write my vacation recaps so I can share my trip with you this week!
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