Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Park City Eats [Part II]

One bonus about skiing all day is both Matt and I were starving every night.  A few times Matt asked if we could go out to dinner at 6 pm even after he had a snack at 5.  Not that I am complaining because I was usually hungry as well.  Almost every day we skied, we packed turkey sandwiches and carrots for lunch so we didn't feel guilty enjoying our large and expensive dinners.  I enjoy trying new places in new cities and armed with suggestions from my coworkers and Yelp, we found some excellent places.


This restaurant was right by our hotel and as we drove by on our way into town, our driver suggested we try it out for breakfast sometime.  Well we happened to be starving right then so we headed right over.  The breakfast menu happened to be too hard to resist.  The bacon that came with my meal was the best. It was thick-sliced, salty, crispy, and all things delicious.  We also enjoyed a locally roasted coffee.

The restaurant is covered with awards for their delicious brews, beer posters and even a tandem bike.  After seeing all the commendations on the beer, Matt and I made sure to pick up a sampler 12-pack when we were at the grocery store.  We loved everything but the Polygamy Porter, but clever name, right?

It's rare that we will I'll go to the same place twice in a new city, but this place was so good.  We went back on our last Saturday for lunch.  I ordered the Evolution Amber Ale and Matt had a cask beer of Full Suspension.  This is the first time either of us had ever tried a cask beer.  A cask beer is served slightly warmer than other tap beers and is less bubbly to enhance its flavor.  Very interesting.

Squatters also focuses on being "green" and giving back to the community.  Things I noticed while dining were straws made from recycled materials and water-wise toilets (well I didn't actually notice those while dining).  For the month of February, they were offering a brownie dessert for which all the proceeds will be donated to Utahns Against Hunger.  They had a little contest going to see which server could sell the most and since ours was barely holding onto the lead, we were compelled to help him out.  It was divine!

Good For What Ales You. 

No Name Saloon

I mentioned getting a simple burger meal and we wound up at this place on Main Street.  They actually served buffalo burgers which I have never tried before, but the pork carnitas tacos won my heart over instead.  Best decision because the pork was to die for.  They must have been cooking that pork very slowly for a week because it was so so tender and juicy.  I don't like to cook pork because mine always turns out dry and tough, but I could not get over how awesome this pork was.  Even Matt agreed. He ordered a buffalo burger which he liked, but I could tell he was jealous of my tacos.  They also have house-made "buffalo" chips which are potato chips.  There is just something about warm chips that makes them taste better.

See those buffalo chips?
Photo: No Name Saloon

The first time our server came to our table we asked if they had any drink specials and she informed us that they don't do drink specials in Utah.  I did find this article saying having drink specials is legal, but I didn't see specials at any bar.

Flying Sumo

This was a sushi place my coworker recommended.  We showed up at this place at 5:30 pm right after they opened because we were so hungry.  The sushi was great but the best part was the appetizer we ordered-Tokyo Nachos.

Gyoza chips topped with spicy tuna, flying fish eggs, green onions and wasabi mayo. Served with wasabi guacamole on the side.

Photo: Lisa Dang (click for more food porn, seriously)

So good. The guacamole wasn't even needed and I have a deep love for guacamole.  This is a signature dish for Flying Sumo and I can definitely see why.  

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

And of course, what is vacation without a little dessert.  It seems every time I visit a city with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Store, I am compelled to enter and eat a caramel apple.  This trip was no exception  and I wasn't disappointed.  We devoured our apple so fast there is no photographic evidence.  

Matt had this S'more marshmallow and it was dynamite for such a simple concept. 

Sorry blurry picture

Marshmallow dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs. This sounds so simple and I will be attempting to recreate this next time Matt visits.  I would settle for a real roasted marshmallow, but feel like it would be frowned upon to start a bonfire in the middle of my apartment complex.

We went to a few other places, but this post is getting long so I am just mentioning my favorites.  Now the salad I brought for lunch sounds really lame.

How do you choose places to eat when visiting a new place?
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