Friday, March 8, 2013

Illinois Marathon Training Week 16

Another recovery week for me last week.  I feel like I just had a recovery week which I did. Two weeks ago when I was on vacation I didn't run at all.  I've also realized this week that a 24 week training program is a long time.  Although the race is coming up in about 8 weeks, I have been training for 16 weeks.  When choosing this training program, I knew 24 weeks would start to feel very long, but I really wanted a plan that only had 3 days of running.

I still have a long way to go--including two 20 milers.  But I am starting to feel more ready for the race.  

February 25-March 3.

  • Monday - 75 min yoga
  • Tuesday - Rest (there was a snowstorm)
  • Wednesday - 55 min spin class with hills, 6 mile run
  • Thursday - 6 mile w/ 4 @ 9:05 and .5% incline
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - 10.5 miles
  • Total - 22.5 mi running + 75 min yoga + 55 min spin
Is a snowstorm a good excuse for not getting a run in?  My boss let us leave work early on Tuesday because we were getting 6+ inches of snow.  In the end, the roads weren't that terrible, but I was thankful to get a head start on traffic.  When I was leaving work, I thought about going straight to the gym, but I went home instead.  I certainly didn't want to go back outside once I was all cozy inside so I doubled up my Wednesday workouts.  

Saturday's run got put off until Sunday again.  I need to plan something for Saturday that makes me get off my butt because I end up just spending most of the day lounging around.  Sunday morning I got right out of bed and grabbed a quick snack before heading out for my run.  I wanted to do 13 miles, but I ran out of time.  Book club was Sunday afternoon and my dish still wasn't made! The run went okay.  I am still on the hunt for places shoveled sidewalks.  
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