Saturday, March 9, 2013

saturday stuff

1. I went to 3 grocery stores this week--Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Garden Fresh Market.  I think three was a bit of an overkill.

2. Speaking of Whole Foods, a new store in Kildeer opened on Wednesday.  It is right on my way to and from work so, of course, I had to stop in.  Big mistake! It was incredibly crowded and I lasted about 10 minutes before I had to get out o there.  The bulk/cooking section was awesome and I am excited to go back when less people are there.

3.  Since laundry cost me $2 and I am cheap frugal, I just take my laundry to my parent's house and I my mom does it.  No trips home means lots of dirty laundry.  So much that it has exploded onto my floor.

This picture does not do it justice.

4.  Weight training has been left a little neglected by me lately.  On Wednesday, I did some basic arm moves and I still have a knot in my arm.  This is certainly not encouraging to lift anything else anytime soon.  

5. My friend came over on Thursday for dinner and margaritas.  My first time trying my hand at risotto was a success.  I made this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.  In the biggest friend fail of the night, I forgot that Laura was allergic to oranges as I was blending up our whole fruit margaritas (because obvi that makes them healthy).  She drank it anyways.  True friendship.

6.  Spring forward is tonight/tomorrow morning.  I am not looking forward to loosing an hour of sleep, but I am pretty excited about it being still light out after work.  Confinement to the treadmill for after work runs begone! 

7.  Last weekend was blogger book club.  The food and wine was delicious once again and the book was discussed for about 10 minutes of the 3 hours we were there. Typical. Thanks Erin for hosting!  Since Kelsey and Katie were busy bopping people, I made sure to smile nicely for the camera.

From Ready Set Feast!

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