Wednesday, April 3, 2013


First of all, please check out my guest post over at Kelly the Culinarian.  It's my guest posting debut!

I'm taking this post idea from Bethany today because it sounds fun. And because I not motivated enough to write a real post that requires actual thought beyond answering questions.  Maybe later when I don't feel so blah.

a: age - 24 years and about 359 days.  This should give you plenty of time to buy me a great birthday gift for next Wednesday.

b: bed size - queen! Because I am a queen.  Not really.  I slept in the same twin bed for 22 years before getting this bed.  When I moved into my apartment in Arlington Heights, I was dead set on getting a queen bed.  Do you know how difficult it is for two people to sleep in the same twin bed?

And yes, it is still sitting on the floor.
c: chore you dislike - dusting surfaces.  Seriously, where does all the dust come from? Also cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floors.  No matter how often I do this, they are always covered in crumbs and hair.

d: dogs - I'm still trying to convince myself it would be okay to get one.  Until then, Rudy will be my favorite.
Shaved/naked Rudy
e: essential to your day - Water. I drink a lot of water every day.  This also helps in making sure I get up from my desk to go to the bathroom several times a day.

f: favorite color - Um none? I used to like green a lot but honestly no color is my favorite.  Pink, however, is very annoying to me.

g: gold or silver - Silver.  I do have a few gold pieces I wear sometimes but on a day-to-day basis I'm wearing silver.

h: height - 5'5. The last time I was the tallest one among my peers was approximately kindergarten. I still think that's a pretty good height though.

i: interesting fact - About me? Hmmm. I have a spot in my knee that feels numb all the time. I think I have too much scar tissue built up in there from falling too many times.

j: job title - Biomedical engineer.  That's what my business card says.

k: kids - Nada. I just hold other people's babies and return them when they cry or poop.

l: live - The Village of Arlington Heights.  I'm still confused as to why everything is a "village".

m: mom’s name - Barb or Barbara.  Also the inspiration for this song

n: nicknames - Oh I've had quite a few over the years--Speedy, AJ (hated that one), Tots, W^2 (w squared, a terrible couple nickname).  But the most infamous nickname was and still is Wedge.  From an epic wedgie.  Some of my high school acquaintances still refer to me by this nickname.

o: overnight hospital stays - Since my birth, none.  I don't even like going to the doctor, so I'd prefer to keep it this way.

p: pet peeves - I actually have a draft post all about my pet peeves.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their dishes in the sink.  How am I supposed to wash the dishes when they are crowding my sink?

q: quote from a movie - "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."  -Dory from Finding Nemo.  Did you hear that you they are coming out with a Dory sequel - Finding Dory.

r: righty or lefty - Lefty for things like writing, eating, and small steady hand tasks.  But in sports, definitely a righty.  I am ambidextrous!

s: sibling - One younger brother named Jared. He is very loud.

t: time you wake up - 6:45 Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays it varies.  Sometimes I get up early and other times I sleep in till 10 am.  Those days are awesome.

u: underwear - Yes, I wear them.  But not under bike shorts, never under bike shorts.

v: vegetables you don’t like - Okra.  That shit is gross.  Hairy on the outside and slimy on the inside.  I even tried to fry it and I still didn't like it.  If you don't like a fried food, that's when you know it's bad.

w: what makes you run late - Being myself.  Yes, I am habitually late.  I'm trying to improve but I still show up to things late all the time.  Also I swear it takes me five minutes to leave my apartment and get into my car.

x: xrays you’ve had - Knee, both ankles, back.  I'm clumsy.

y: yummy food you make - dessert.  Actually I like almost everything I make.  I'm no foodie but I am a sugar addict.

Turtle brownies. 
z: zoo animal favorite - Penguins.  I love the penguins.  If a zoo doesn't have penguins, well then, it's not a real zoo.

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