Sunday, May 19, 2013

More random things I have to tell you

I should possibly stop writing all my posts in random, but I have lots of short little things to say.  I have a few ideas for actual blog posts beyond my rambles, but I only have so much time to sit at Panera and write.  Good news is I am sending my modem in to hopefully get fixed or replaced so I will be back on the blog train soon.

I've added another race to my 2013 season! I'm now an ambassador for the Iron Girl Lake Zurich race on Sunday, June 16.  The race course is very close to work for me and I drive by the park where the race site will be on my to and from work.  It is a very nice area and I'm excited to check out the scenery on the bike during the race.

If you would like to participate use the coupon code "DONTLOOKDOWN" when you register to save $10 on your registration fee.  

Disclosure: As a race ambassador, I am receiving a free entry into the Iron Girl Lake Zurich race. I'm not being compensated for my posts or any of my other work.

I have a funny story for you.  When I turned 25, my dad decided it was time for me to get my own auto insurance.  Yes, I have been sneaking by on my parent's auto insurance for the last few years and I never felt guilty about it.  Having my own insurance is really freaking expensive.  I pay a pretty comparable amount for only me to what my dad is paying for the 3 other members of my family.  Thanks a lot Chicago driving.  Anyways, I got my own insurance and when my new insurance card came in the mail I took it out to the car. I have this little black folder that holds both my registration and insurance so I can easily find it when needed. Well I searched my whole car and could not find that little folder anywhere.  It is normally kept in the center council but I looked in the glove box and under all the seats.  No luck.  After my deer collision last December it took awhile for my car to get repaired and then my dad drove my car for the next month before I was able to make it home again.  He swore up and down that he put that folder back in my car.

After searching and cleaning my apartment, I was convinced it was at my parent's house.  I told my mom that when I found that folder in her house she was going to pay me $20.  She replied that she better find it and burn it before then!

As of last weekend I am $20 richer.  Yup, I found my folder in a pile of papers.  I knew it!!!!

I bought and won a ton of things in April so I thought I would share with you.

I tried a Nuun sampler pack for the first time.  I don't use it much for running, but I really like it on the bike.  I'm not super crazy about the flavors I have but it is better than just drinking regular water all the time.
My all-time favorite gu-Clif Shot Blok gel in Citrus.  I used these for my marathon and I still think they taste like Mountain Dew.
My new shoes that I wore for the marathon.
A handheld water bottle.  I've only used this once but I love it.
A big wall map for a little craft project idea I have.
A few more pairs of my fav double layer socks in fun, bright colors.  And a pair of free Swiftkick socks I got at my local running store.  I love all of these.
The bright blue ball in the middle is a foam ball used for self myofascial release like a foam roller.  I won this from Kim!  It is awesome for targeting smaller areas like my glutes and calf muscles.  Speaking of, I need to make sure I use it tonight.
I won a NuNataturals giveaway from Carly.  I've been using the drops in my coffee and really like them.  The company sent me a booklet of recipes and I'm looking forward to trying out a few of them.
I was super lucky last month.  It always seems like my luck comes in streaks.  Does this happen to anyone else?  And darn, why didn't I buy a lotto ticket!?

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