Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pigman Training Week 15

It's a little comical to put week 15 in the title because I haven't been sharing my workouts all along. But I am in week 15 and I feel like I should denote it somehow. I'm changing up the way I post my workouts to include more details (I really like the way Kim does it so I'm moving more towards that).

Monday, July 22 - 28.48 mile bike (middle 15 with Amy)
      Time: 1:58:32, Speed: 14.4 mph
Tuesday, July 23 - Rest
Wednesday, July 24 - 32.57 mile bike
      Time: 2:07:59, Speed: 15.3 mph
Thursday, July 25 - 6.5 mile run + 2500 yd swim
     Run: {1.5 mi warm up, 5 x 800s with 400 rest interval, 1.5 mi cool down} Time: 1:02:15, Pace: 9:34 (GPS lost signal distance approximate)
      Swim: Time: 52:00 (200 sw, kick, pull, 5x100 drills, 6x100 on 1:35, 2x300 w/paddles, 200 cool)
Friday, July 26 - 1500yd swim
      Time: 30:00
Saturday, July 27 - BTN 10k + 3 mile biking to and from race + 3000yd swim
     Run Time: 56:56, Pace: 9:10 + 3 miles biking each way from race
      Bike Time: ~30:00
      Swim: (200 sw, kick, pull, sw, 4x100 hypoxic set, broken 1650 [200 hard, 800 cruise, 100 hard, 500 w/paddles, 50 hard], 50 kick ez, 150 sw ez), Time: 1:02:00
Sunday, July 28 - 65 mile bike at Venus de Miles,
      Time: about 5.5 hours including breaks, Speed: ~15.5 mph

Totals - 9 sessions,148.73 miles, 14.6 hours
  • 3 swims, 7000yd, about 2.4 hours
  • 4 rides, 132.05 miles, 10.2 hours
  • 2 runs, 12.7 miles, 2.0 hours
  • This is quite the eye-opener to how many hours I'm spending training.  No wonder I'm freaking tired.
  • My speedwork run on Thursday felt so hard.  I ran to the track and slogged through the repeats while a football team was hosting practice.  I'm going to blame the heat and humidity (even though it wasn't that bad out) for my inability to run faster than a 8min/mile pace.
  • I got to meet a lot of new people at Venus de Miles on Sunday and biked with Amy this week.  Yay for meeting up with people!
  • I saw two weasels last week! One last Sunday (not actually part of this training week) on my bike ride in Iowa and one on my ride Monday night.  The ones I saw were both really dark brown and I wonder if maybe they weren't weasels but martens. I may never know.
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