Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Training Update

I feel like we should take a moment to recognize the fact that I am actually blogging.  It's been a while, huh?  I've been pretty busy with all this triathlon training and work and the rest of my life.  I have a lot to blog about including a race recap, but I'm not even sure when I will have the time to write that.

Here's my workouts from last week.
  • Monday - Rest 
  • Tuesday - 32 mile bike with 5 x {3 hard, 2 easy}
  • Wednesday - 28 mile bike (21 with Kelly), 2500yd swim
  • Thursday - 10 mile run in 1:47 (10:53 pace)
  • Friday - 2350yd swim
  • Saturday - 40 min walk, 50 mile bike in 3:11 (16 mph)
  • Sunday - Rest (wait I golfed, does that count?)
The good

I fit in 3 bike rides this week and felt really good on the long ride this weekend. Even with the hilly Iowa route.

With a slow start to the week, I was afraid I would only get in one swim, but I still squeezed in 2 long swims! I borrowed some paddles from Kelly so I've been practicing with those too. 

The bad

It rained on me for a few miles on my long bike ride. No lightening thankfully, but enough to get my shoes and clothes soaked.  I feel like I must have reached some sort of new initiation level into the cycling club. 

The ugly

Running. First, I only managed one run in the week and I'm supposed to do 3.  The run that I did do was run on one of those extremely hot and humid day and I was so, so slow.  Sweat kept dripping into my eye and it was burning.  I couldn't wipe the sweat off because my shirt was already soaked.  A guy even yelled out his car window at me to "not get too hot out there".  I came home and wrung out my shorts before hanging them in the bathroom to dry and they still made a puddle on the floor.  I am happy I did get out there to run though.

Last weekend, was the Great Jones County Fair, which Matt and I look forward to going to every year.  I did get a chance to talk to some old friends I haven't seen in awhile and I really enjoyed that.  Matt and I split an order of ribbon potatoes.  Although they were delicious, my stomach did not appreciate the grease. Argh.

Sunday morning I skipped my run in favor of 9 holes with my dad.  I let my dad when this time.  I haven't been out golfing much this year so it was nice to play again.  I wish I had the time to play more, but training usually takes priority.

What's your favorite fair food? I love corn dogs and funnel cakes but those things do serious damage to my stomach these days.

I did see some fried Twinkies this year, but I don't think those would be very delicious.
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