Friday, August 16, 2013

Pigman Training Weeks 16 & 17

Only a little late on these training recaps. Now the race is only 2 days away!

Week 16

Monday, July 29 - 30.39 mile bike
     Time:  5:45 pm, Duration: 1:50:35, Speed: 16.48 mph, Loc: Palatine Trail, Felt: strong
Tuesday, July 30 - 2500 yd swim
     Time: 7:40 pm, Duration: 48:00, (200 sw, kick, pull, sw, 3x300 threshold, 200 cruise, 200 paddles, 3x100 drills, 100 warm down), Felt: tired but okay
Wednesday, July 31 - 4.5 mile run
     Time: 7:30 pm, Duration: 47:15, Pace: 10:30 min/mile, Loc: neighborhood, Felt: exhuasted after long day at work
Thursday, August 1 - Rest - dinner party at Kelly's instead
Friday, August 2 - 2250 yd swim
   Time: 6:30 am, Duration: 45:00, Felt: tired and slow
Saturday, August 3 - 50 mile bike with Matt
   Time: 10:00 am, Duration: ~4:00, Speed: 15.5 mph, Loc: Cascade to Placid, Peosta, & Epworth, Felt: flat
Sunday, August 4 - Camp Courageous Sprint Triathlon (race recap to come!)
   Time: 9:00 am, Duration: 1:29:07, Loc: Jones County Central Park, Felt: great!

Totals - 5 sessions + 1 race, 106.46 miles, 9.7 hours
  • 3 swims, 5250 yds, about 1.7 hours
  • 3 rides, 95.89 miles, 6.7 hours
  • 2 runs, 7.6 miles, 1.3 hours
  • Work was a little bit stressful this week and it was much harder to get motivated to get in a workout after a long day
  • I had a blast at Kelly's on Thursday night but I think the wine made the swim on Friday morning a bit more miserable
  • I felt super flat on my ride on Saturday which made me nervous for my race Sunday but felt so much better on Sunday. The two Fat Tires I had on Saturday night are probably why I felt so much better*
  • This was supposed to be the last week before taper but I didn't get as many sessions in as I wanted. I guess I will just count it as an early taper

Week 17

Monday, August 5 - Rest
Tuesday, August 6 - Massage! + 1500 yd swim
    Swim Time: 7:30 pm, Duration: 32:00, Felt: relaxed
Wednesday, August 7 - 4.56 mile run + 29.04 mile bike with Kelly
    Run Time: 5:30 am, Duration: 45:15, Pace: 9:55 min/mile, Loc: neighborhood, Felt: cooler but still sweaty
    Bike Time: 5:44 pm, Duration: 1:57:24, Speed: 14.8 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: good
Thursday, August 8 - Rest
Friday, August 9 - 2500 yd swim
   Time: 5:40 pm, Duration: 52:00, Felt: like I was sinking
Saturday, August 10 - 7.7 mile run
    Time: 1:37 pm, Duration: ~1:17, Pace: 10:06 min/mile, Loc: Cascade, Felt: wish I would have gotten more than 4 hours of        sleep
Sunday, August 11 - 51.5 mile bike with Matt
    Time: 12:30 pm, Duration: ~4:00, Speed: 15 mph, Loc: Cascade to Maquoketa Caves, Felt: bonking near the end, also              HILLS!

Totals - 6 sessions, 95.07 miles, 9.4 hours
  • 2 swims, 4000 yds, about 1.4 hours
  • 2 rides, 80.5 miles, 6.0 hours
  • 2 runs, 12.3 miles, 2.0 hours
  • Yay for the first week of taper! My plan still calls for 3 sessions per sport but it didn't happen. Again. (Do you notice a theme in these training recaps?)**
  • If my run sucks at my race, will everyone please remind me how many long runs and other runs I skipped? No excuses but it shouldn't surprise me if it isn't awesome. 
  • The massage on Tuesday was definitely necessary.  My left glute is so bound up! The massage helped to loosen it a bit but I'm still trying to work it out on the myo-release ball.  Massages are part of training too.
  • We had a wedding to attend on Saturday.  I don't really enjoy walking around in heals right after running--calf cramps!
  • Matt and I rode a new route on Sunday.  It was fun. I spotted a "Share the road" sign; it was the first one I've seen while riding near Cascade! Yay for bicycle awareness. We also took a pit stop to talk to our friend that lives on that route. 
  • I really started lagging in the last 10 miles and Matt ended up beating me home.  Usually I am the one leaving him in the dust so he was thrilled!
* Not that I recommend drinking before a race but having a beer or two is the norm for me prior to a race. I figure it's just more carbs, right?
**I'm using an intermediate plan and it is at times intense. I fully believe you can complete a half Ironman on only 2 sessions per sport so I make that my goal.

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