Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year

A good chunk of time has passed since I last wrote. Too much time!  A lot has happened, but at the same time, it feels like not much has changed!

Instead of recapping all of 2013 and linking to a bunch of blog posts I just give you the short version:
  • I rode my bike a lot and learned how to crash less *knocks on wood*
  • Met new bloggers and made new friends
  • Raced a lot including lots of great races and a few not-so-good
  • Traveled to San Francisco, Park City and Seattle
  • Signed my life away to Ironman Wisconsin
  • Ate, drank, and enjoyed life
Google created this recap for me

I took all of last week off and spent my time in Iowa celebrating Christmas with my family and friends.  This year I managed to attend 7 different parties! I think I needed the whole week to recover. 

The temperature took quite a swing mid-week too. On Monday, Matt and I went skiing in the 3 below zero weather.  I forgot my goggles and instead tried to wear my sunglasses.  

Frozen solid on the inside. On Tuesday it was so cold my eyelashes froze while I was walking with my mom. 

Later on in the week we got a heat wave! My family went snowshoeing at Swiss Valley Park near Dubuque. My coat had to come off because I was getting so sweaty. 

The hills made it a good workout.  The funny part is when my brother almost slipped down the bank into the creek.  

All the sunshine and heat made the snow all melty and we built some epic snowmen with the neighbor boys. 

Which Trenton tried to destroy with a mallet. 

Going back to work on Monday wasn't easy.  Good thing I had today off so I can ease back into working a full week. 

Here's to 2014! And more blogging in 2014! 

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