Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yelp @ Fire It Up! Tacos

I have exciting news! I'm a member of the Yelp Elite crew for 2014! What does this mean? I get to go to some super special Elite events.  And sometimes I get to bring a +1 so if you suck up to me, you might just get an invite. I'm just kidding you don't need to suck up. Just send cookies.

The first event of the year was taco night at Fire It Up! Tacos in Naperville. This used-to-be food truck has settled down into a brick-and-mortar store and serves up tacos with local ingredients and house-made sauces. 

We started off with smooth guacamole and Parmesan-dusted tortilla chips.

I couldn't resist the signature red sangria. It was delicious.  I love all things wine. 

Our first dish was a shrimp wonton appetizer.  This was possibly my favorite dish of the night!

Then it was all about the tacos. My favorite was the bbq pork taco served with cabbage. 

I also enjoyed the shrimp taco, the steak taco, and the house-special gringo taco.  The gringo was filled with beans and has a fried shell. 

For dessert, the kitchen prepared a brownie wrapped in a wonton and fried. Then covered with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.  It was quite rich!

I had a great time hanging out with some new Yelp friends.  And of course, I didn't leave empty-handed.  I have a new pair of sunglasses, chapstick, a water bottle, and a pair of Yelp socks.  It was a great time. 

If you like tacos, check out Fire It Up! in Naperville.  They serve brunch on Sunday mornings.  Almost everything is made fresh in-house!

p.s. I wrote this while watching the Superbowl. What a boring game! 

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