Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jackson Hole Ski Trip, Part 2

We finally made it to the mountain on Monday!  The weather was fairly warm and a bit windy.  But I was sweating! Quite the change from the usual can't feel my fingers for all hours of the day that I experience on the regular in Chicago.  

It snowed just a little bit on our first day.  We took our time getting reacquainted with skiing and learning how not to fall down the mountain.  Even though I consider myself mostly in shape and workout regularly skiing is HARD! My legs burn and I am huffing and puffing about halfway down a run.  I like to blame the thinner air in the mountains. 

Jackson Hole has two lifts that go all the way from the base to the top of the mountain.  The Gondola that goes to the Gondola summit at 9095' that about 6 people can fit in and sit down and the Tram that goes to the top of Rendezvous Mountain at 10450'. The tram fits 100 people and you have to stand.  There is always a line too so they pack you in there like sardines. I think the ride to the top is 10-15 minutes and as you go over the towers near the top the entire car rocks back and forth.  But you can't fall over because the car is so full.  It did get kind of interesting in there on the warmest days.  And by interesting, I mean funky smelling. 

At the top of the mountain, sits a little cabin called Corbet's Cabin named after this world-famous crazy-as-hell ski run called Corbet's Couloir.

The pictures are stunning but it looked so scary in the video that we didn't even go over near it to look.  The first two days we skied it was too windy and I worried that I would get blown to closely! 

Corbets Cabin is home of Top of the World waffles.  On Monday, by the time we got to the top of the mountain they had already stopped serving waffles.  They did have a few out for sampling though and those samples convinced us that we needed to come back the next day.  

These waffles were the bomb.  Mine was filled with peanut butter and really crispy bacon.  Matt went the sweet route and ordered one with lemon fondant and powdered sugar. They were amazing. 

See pure bliss. 
On Monday night, we hit up the Silver Dollar Bar with my uncle Randy.  He's a local and has lived in Jackson Hole for almost 20 years.  And he doesn't even ski anymore! He runs a snowmobiling business which we had hoped to do while we were in town but with all the flight delays we ended up having to cut that out of the schedule. I haven't seen my uncle Randy much but he reminds so much of my mom and the rest of my aunts and uncles.

Tuesday morning we hooked up with the complimentary mountain ski tour with our lovely ski guide John.  I raved about these tours when I was in Park City last year and I still think they are very worth the time.  John told us random fun facts about the mountain and the town and suggested a few runs or places for us to hit up on the mountain.

Tuesday night included more beer tasting.  We hit up Thai Me Up which is a Thai place and a brewery.  Sounds like a great combo, right?

I was really feeling the Feely B 
The food was delicious, but I was sad after I ate my whole meal because I wanted more. Skiing makes me ravenous.

Wednesday was more skiing and the proposal day.  It was our third day of skiing in a row and we were getting pretty tired so we took it easy.  Which meant I had a lot of time for picture opportunities.

Plus we get to see people run off the mountain with a parachute. They went a really long way too. 

Okay, last part coming up because this post is too long!
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