Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin Training Week 8

I'm not exactly sure what week of training I'm on. But I think the plan I'm following has 23 weeks of training so that makes last week (Monday-Sunday) week 8.  I'm following the training plan out of Your Best Triathlon by Joe Friel which has several periods of training Prep, Base 1-3, Build 1-2, Peak and Race. Currently I am in the Base 2 phase.

The first four weeks of training were very very rough with way too much going on at work and very little workouts getting in.  Plus the weather has been crappy for so long this year.  I'm finally getting in some good training sessions, but it is not easy.

Monday, May 12 - 4.33 mi bike + 45 min trainer ride w/ Kelly
     Time: 6:23 pm, Duration: 17:42, Speed: 14.7 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: Disappointed by the storm
     Time: 7:35 pm, Duration: 45:23, 7 x 1 min hard, 1 min easy, Loc: Kelly's, Felt: Good
Tuesday, May 13 - 2000yd swim + 1 hr restorative yoga
     Time: 6:41 pm, Duration: 38:25, (500 WU,  2x200 kick, 6x100 drill, 500 sustained), Loc: LA Fitness, Felt: slow
     Time; 8:15 pm, Duration: 1 hr, Class: CoreRestore, Loc: CorePower, Felt: not flexible
Wednesday, May 14 - 21.78 mi bike w/ Amy
     Time: 5:42 pm, Duration: 1:41:00, Speed: 12.9 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: freezing cold
Thursday, May 15 - 1 hr yoga
     Time: 7:00 pm, Duration: 1 hr, Class: CorePower1, Loc: CorePower, Felt: like the sweatiest person in class
Friday, May 16 - 2350yd swim
     Time: 6:48 am, Duration: 45:23, (500 WU, 200 kick, 3x100 fast w/ 10s rest, 6x100 drills, 500 sustained, 250 WD), Loc: LA Fitness, Felt: getting the swimming fins back
Saturday, May 17 - 5.97 mi run (4 by myself + 2 with Owen-my brother's dog)
     Time: 8:52 am, Duration: 1:01:55, Pace: 10:21 min/mi, Loc: Cascade, Felt: running with a dog is hard
Sunday, May 18 - 50.68 mi bike
     Time: 10:00 am, Duration: 3:11:48, Speed: 15.9 mph, Loc: Cascade to Maquoketa Caves, Elevation Gain: 2037 ft, Felt: more confident on the new bike and holy hills!

Totals - 8 session, 84.15 mi, 10.35 hours

  • 2 swim, 4350 yd, 1.4 hours
  • 3 rides, 76.79 mi, 5.9 hours
  • 1 run, 5.97 mil, 1 hour
  • I bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes at CorePower Yoga and since it was about it expire, I've been trying to mix that in too.
  • I need to get more runs in.  No excuses.
  • The Wednesday bike ride was so cold. In the morning I just packed shorts, a jersey, and arm sleeves, but thank goodness I also had a long sleeve jacket and capris in my car because it was so cold! My feet were numb by the end. 
  • Running with my brother's dog Owen was quite comical. He doesn't understand the concept of running at my pace and instead kept trying to sprint ahead. 
  • After my run on Saturday, I went wedding dress shopping and managed to pull a muscle in my back.  I'm not sure if it was trying on the dresses or from running with the dog.  I felt pretty pathetic because it hurt to stand up after sitting down. 
  • I saw 4 deer on my bike ride on Sunday. They were just running along near the road, but they were much faster than me. 

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