Monday, June 23, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin Training Weeks 11, 12, & 13

From Urban Dictionary.

Struggle Bus: used to metaphorically describe a difficult situation, as in hard schoolwork.

All aboard the struggle bus! 

I'm in the front seat of the struggle bus with this Ironman training.  I knew it would be hard. But I underestimated how hard it would be to get the workouts in.  Check out my workouts from the last few weeks. 

Week 11- Base 3 week 2
Monday, June 2 - Rest
Tuesday, June 3 - Rest
Wednesday, June 4 - 5.57 mi run + 1.5 mi open water swim
     Muscular Endurance Run, 2 x 5 minutes of intervals w/ HR ~180 bpm, Time: 4:53 pm, Duration: 53:36, Pace: 9:37 min/mile, Loc: Cuba Marsh FP, Felt: Good, took a long bit to get warmed up.
     Open water swim, Time: 6:37 pm, Duration: 51:40, Pace: 35:18 min/mile, Loc: Lake in the Hills, Felt: Swimming in the wetsuit is hard.
Thursday, June 5 - 21.84 mi bike
     Muscular Endurance Bike, 3 x 5 minutes of intervals Time: 5:43 pm, Duration: 1:17:35, Speed: 16.9 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: Good, legs responded well when I pushed it
Friday, June 6 - Rest
Saturday, June 7 - 10.01 mi run
     Time; 7:39 am, Duration: 1:40:00, Pace: 9:59 min/mile, Loc: Cascade, Felt: so hot! but ended strong. Took a break around 7 to get more water at home.  Then I ran to the bank all sweaty-faced. 
Sunday, June 8 - 62.15 mi bike with Matt
     Time: 10:32 am, Duration: 4:18:37, Speed: 14.4 mph, Loc: Cascade to Peosta, Epworth, Farley and part of the way to Dyersville, Felt: Really strong even on the hills.  I think Matt was irritated with me though :/

Totals - 5 sessions - 101.06 miles, 9 hours
  • 1 swim, 1.5 miles, 0.85 hours
  • 2 bikes, 83.99 miles, 5.6 hours
  • 2 runs, 15.58 miles, 2.6 hours

Week 12 - Base 3 week 3
Monday, June 9 - YogaSculpt
     Time: 7:00 pm, Duration: 1:00:00, Loc: CorePower Elmhurst, Felt: this class was harder than I thought it would be. I'm sad that my month of unlimited classes is over
Tuesday, June 10 - Rest
Wednesday, June 11 - 22.05 mile ride with Kelly
     Time: 5:47 pm, Duration: 1:23:48, Speed: 15.8 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: Good
Thursday, June 12 - Rest/Travel
Friday, June 13 - 87.58 mi ride + 1.75 mile transition run + Walk with my mom
     Time: 8:20 am, Duration: 5:45:09, Speed: 15.2 mph, Loc: Cascade to Maquoketa Caves and around, Felt: Headwind was tough but laid down some good lap times on the way back in
     Time: 2:41 pm, Duration: 15:48, Pace: 9:03 min/mi, Loc: Cascade, Felt: took a short break after the bike ride to put in some laundry  and drop my car off, but my legs felt great!
     Time: 3:45 pm, Walked and did errands with my mom! I spend like the whole day working out
Saturday, June 14 - Rest - golfed with my dad
Sunday, June 15 - Rest

Totals - 4 sessions, 111.37 miles, 9.4 hours
  • No swims
  • 2 rides, 109.63 miles, 7.1 hours
  • 1 run, 1.75 miles, .25 hours
  • 1 yoga session. 1 hour

Week 13 - Base 3 recovery
Monday, June 16 - 28.68 mi ride with Kelly
     Time: 6:01 pm, Duration: 1:45:19, Speed: 16.3 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: Kelly is leaving me and I'm so sad
Tuesday, June 17 - Rest
Wednesday, June 18 - Rest
Thursday, June 19 - Softball game
Friday, June 20 - 1600yd swim
     Time: 4:06 pm, Duration: 30:55, Pace: 1:41 min/100yd, Loc: LA Fitness, 550 WU, 4x100 hard, 200 kick 300 swim, 150 WD
Saturday, June 21 - 53.23 mi bike with Laura
     Time: 10:40 am, Duration: 3:26:53, Speed: 15.4 mph, Loc: Home to St. Charles, Geneva and back. Felt: I got us lost. Like added 15 extra miles lost.  Oops.
Sunday, June 22 - 5.05 mi run with Laura + 3000yd swim
     Time: 10:16 am, Duration: 48:01, Pace: 9:31 min/mi, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt: ran a little harder than I should have but felt good
     Time: 6:02 pm, Duration: 1:02:36, Pace: 1:43 min/100 yd, Loc: LA Fitness Glendale Heights, Felt: fairly smooth

Totals - 5 sessions, 89.57 miles, 7.6 hours
  • 2 swims, 4600 yds, 1.6 hours
  • 2 rides, 81. 91 miles, 5.2 hours
  • 1 run, 5.05 miles, 0.8 hours
  • It was very difficult to write this and be honest. Especially with myself.  I am not doing enough training.  I'm struggling.  I am very overwhelmed with training and work and stuff going on in my personal life and it is getting the better of me. I'll have to write an entire post about balancing life and Ironman training. 
  • I need to start saying "no" to other social things.  I told myself that Ironman would be a priority and I need to make it so.  
  • I got attacked by a red-winged blackbird on both my long rides in week 11 & 12.  They actually hit my helmet! It scared the crap out of me.  I guess it is another reason to always wear a helmet while you are riding.  I really hate those bastard birds. 
  • The workouts that I am doing feel good which is promising.  I got a new PDR on the bike with the 87.5 mile ride.   The headwind on part of the way back home was killer but the last 5 miles still went well (and those 5 miles are filled with big climbs!)
  • This week begins the build 1 phase of the training plan.  The workouts are getting more intense.  I am going to bribe myself with a new outfit for engagement pictures if I get all the training sessions in this week. 

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