Monday, June 9, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin Training Weeks 9 & 10

Week 9 - Recovery Week
Monday, May 19 - 1 hr trainer Ride with Kelly
     Time: 6:25 pm, Duration: 1:04:35, 3 x 5 min harder gear with 5 min easy between, Distance: ~15.36 miles (I don't think riding the trainer with the bike computer is an accurate counter of mileage)  Loc: Kelly's basement, Felt: stop with the raining
Tuesday, May 20 - 3.52 mile run + 1 hr strength training
     Time: 5:39 pm, Duration: 34:48,  Pace: 9:50 min/mile, Loc: Cuba Marsh FP, Felt: I was glad it was a recovery week
     Time: 6:42 pm, Duration: 57:39, Legs: Smith squats, lunges, calf raises, hip raises, one-legged deadlifts, hamstring curls, leg extensions, Felt: strength training is hard
Wednesday, May 21 - 14.48 mile ride
     Time: 5:57 pm, Duration: 54:26, Speed: 16.0 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: legs felt so trashed from strength training
Thursday, May 22 - CorePower 1 Yoga
     Time: 7:00 pm, Duration: 1 hour, Loc: CorePower Elmhurst, Felt: muscles were hurting so much from strength training
Friday, May 23 - Rest --I'm lazy
Saturday, May 24 - 2 mile walk
Sunday, May 25 - 50 mile ride w/ Matt
     Time: 1:13 pm, Duration: 4:35:42, Speed:12.5 mph, Loc: Fox River Trail, Felt: irritated about getting lost and the crowded trail

Totals -7 sessions, 83.36 miles, 9.2 hours

  • no swims, BAD!
  • 3 rides, 79.84 miles, 6.6 hours
  • 1 run, 3.52 miles, .6 hour
  • 1 strength, 1 hour
  • 1 yoga, 1 hour

Week 10 - Base 3 
Monday, May 26 - 21.89 mile ride w/ Matt
     Time: 12:21 pm, Duration: 1:31:26, Speed: 16.1 mph, Loc: Paul Douglas FP, Felt: Good!
Tuesday, May 27 - Rest
Wednesday, May 28 - Rest (Note to self: get off lazy butt)
Thursday, May 29 - 2500yd swim + 5.31 mile run + CoreRestore Yoga
     Time: 6:52 am, Duration:  47:55, (500 WU, 1000 sustained, ???, 4x100 drills, 200 WD), Loc: LA Fitness, Felt: good
     Time: 7:08 pm, Duration: 52:41, Pace: 9:56 min/mile, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt: Tired from work
     Time: 8:15 pm, Duration: 1:00:00, Loc: CorePower Elmhurst, Felt: good to take a break 
Friday, May 30 - 45 minute run
    No watch data, Time: ~4:00 pm, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt, excited for book club! 
Saturday, May 31 - 8.28 mile run + 3200yd swim
     Time: 2:07 pm, Duration: 1:29:17, Pace: 10:47 min/mile, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt: too hot! need to adjust to the heat yet
     Time: 6:32 pm, Duration: 1:09:01, (500 WU, 200 kick, 4x100 hard, 2x500 sustained, 200 kick, 6x100 drill, 300 WD), Loc: LA Fitness, Felt: longest swim yet and felt great!
Sunday, June 1 - 76.46 mile Udder Century + 1.54 mile transition run
     Time: 8:34 am, Duration: 4:31:22, Speed: 17.0 mph, Loc: Union, IL, Felt: a little windy but very strong cycling
     Time:  1:53 pm, Duration: 15:03, Pace: 9:46 min/mile, Loc: Union, IL, Felt: rough after the bike ride and I went out too fast

Totals - 9 sessions, 116.72 miles, 12.2 hours

  • 2 swims, 5700 yds, 2 hours
  • 2 rides, 98.35 miles, 6 hours
  • 4 runs, 15.13 miles (+non-recorded), 3.2 hours
  • 1 yoga, 1 hour
  • I've been taking too many rest days, but I've been so exhausted! Looking at all these training hours I know why. 
  • Bike riding has been going very well and my speed on the triathlon bike is improving.  I love it.  
  • Running and swimming is still a struggle. Biking is my strongest sport and I'm just drawn to it.  I need to make these other two a priority.  
  • I needed that rest week in week 9.  Especially after wrecking myself with that strength training session.  I let the (not even certified) trainer push me way too hard and I paid for it. I can't afford to be that sore when I need to get other sessions in. 
  • Matt and I got lost while riding the Fox River Trail and ended up on the gravel Prairie Path.  Riding on that crap is difficult with a triathlon bike.  I was grumpy and I took it out on Matt.  Thankfully he is pretty patient with me. After the ride, we went and got Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza and that made us both feel better.
  • I had my longest swim and longest ride ever in Week 10.  Besides the exhaustion I feel pretty good. 

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