Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Remember that one time...the bat and sunglasses story

I can't believe I never wrote about this after it happened. When I wrote the 2013 Racing Statistics post and mentioned that I lost a pair of sunglasses to a bat, Bethany commented to ask about it.  It's quite the story.

Last year, Kelly and I rode our bikes on Wednesdays after work almost every week at Paul Douglas Forest Preserve.  One evening kind of late in the summer, I decided to head out for a solo lap.  The sun was starting to set, but there was still plenty of light left and it takes me less than 30 minutes to do a lap.

The lap started out fine and I was cruising along. The last part of the loop goes through an area with trees lining the path and has a few hills.  Since the sun was already low in the sky, this part of the ride was a little dark so I moved my sunglasses to the top of my helmet. I could still see fine so I wasn't worried.

As I am cruising up a hill probably doing somewhere around 13-15 mph, I see something flying up ahead.  In less than a second, I realize that it is a bat and that I am going to collide with it.  So I tuck my head down so it wouldn't hit my face. I don't know exactly what happened next but I do know the bat hit my leg and my sunglasses fall off the top of my helmet.  I am scared of bats and I have been for a long time.  They just freak me out. And I am convinced I will get rabies from them.  So my heart was beating about 250 beats per minute. I rode the rest of that loop really fast.

I was wearing some cheap, free sunglasses so there was no way I was going back to the place of the bat incident to get those sunglasses. RIP sunglasses.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin Training Weeks 16 & 17

Week 16 - Build 1 Week 3
Monday, July 7 - 42 min strength
     2 rounds on the Body by Jake Tower plus other strength moves, Time: 8:15 pm, Duration: 42:00, Loc: Home, Felt: really tired but glad I got in a workout
Tuesday, July 8 - 7.53 mi ME Run + 2950 yd ME swim
     Muscular Endurance run, [25 min WU, 4x8 intervals in Zone 4 (9:11, 9:13, 9:06, 9:20)], Time: 4:41 pm, Duration: 1:15:02, Pace: 9:58 min/mile, Loc: Cuba Marsh F.P., Felt: Intervals felt hard and I bailed on the last one
     Muscular Endurance swim, [500 WU, 4x350 intervals, 400 w/paddles, 400 swim, 50 kick, 2x25 hard, 100 WD], Time: 6:38 pm, Duration: 1:00:55, Pace: 1:43 min/100yd, Loc: LA Fitness LZ, Felt: Really slow and crappy
Wednesday, July 9 - 27 mi ME + FO trainer ride
     Muscular endurance + force indoor trainer ride, [30 min WU, 5x8 intervals in zone 4 with 4 min recover, 15 min WD], Time: 7:48 pm, Duration: 1:45:54, Speed: 15.3 mph, Loc: Home, Felt: Sweaty
Thursday, July 10 - 6.64 mi run
     Recovery run, 6 x 20 sec stride form w/ 90 sec walking recovery, Time: 5:13 pm, Duration: 1:11:10, Pace: 10:43 min/mi, Loc: Buffalo Creek F.P., Felt: Legs felt heavy
Friday, July 11 - 4100 yd AE + ME swim
     Aerobic endurance + muscular endurance swim, [500 WU, 5x350 ME intervals, 1000yd AE swim, 6x50 drills, 100 easy, 400 w/paddles, 100 WD], Time: 4:57 pm, Duration: 1:18:41, Pace: 1:43 min/100yd, Loc: LA Fitness LZ, Felt: Good, swim PDR!
Saturday, July 12 - 14.01 mi run
     Time: 9:02 am, Duration: 2:27:02, Pace: 10:32 min/mi, Loc: Cascade, Felt: muggy and humid, walked up all the hills :)
Sunday, July 13 - 61.76 mi bike
     Time: 12:48 pm, Duration: 3:57:12, Speed: 15.6 mph, Loc: Cascade to Maquoketa, Felt: Big headwind coming back in and I pushed too hard, legs were toasted by the end

Totals - 8 sessions, 120.88 miles, 13.6 hours

  • 2 swims, 7050 yards, 2.3 hours
  • 2 rides, 88.76 miles, 5.7 hours
  • 3 runs, 28.18 miles, 4.9 hours
  • 1 strength, 0.7 hours
Week 17 - Build 1 Recovery
Monday, July 14 - Rest
Tuesday, July 15 - Rest
Wednesday, July 16 - Rest
Thursday, July 17 - 3.96 mile run +  15 mi trainer ride
     Time: 5:58 pm, Duration: 39:25, Pace: 10:00 min/mile, Loc: Cuba Marsh F.P, Felt: Good and ended up going to fast for a recovery run
     Time: 7:30 pm, Duration: 59:15, Speed, 15.2 mph, Loc: Home, Felt: Good, easy ride, took a break to eat some food
Friday, July 18 - Rest
Saturday, July 19 - 14.05 mi run
     Time: 4:30 pm, Duration: 2:25:32, Pace: 10:21 min/mi, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt: Put off running all day but felt fine once I was out there
Sunday, July 20 - 81.19 mi ride w/ Matt
     Time: 11:15 am, Duration: 5:18:33, Speed: 15.3 mph, Loc: Glen Ellyn out towards Dekalb, Felt: new PDR for Matt! Felt great!

Totals - 4 sessions, 114.20 miles, 9.4 hours
  • 2 rides, 96.19 miles, 6.3 hours
  • 2 runs, 18.01 miles, 3.1 hours
  • Week 16 was my highest volume week yet! 13.6 hours! Yay! This was kind of a break-through week for me.  I hope I can have a few higher volume weeks to round out training!
  • I feel like my body is holding up well during this high volume training. Of course my muscles are really tight but as long as I am foam roll it doesn't feel too bad.
  • I take rest week to the max.  On Monday and Tuesday, I had to work late. On Wednesday, I was just lazy.  I still managed over 9 hours of training so I think it was a success. 
  • We had a wedding to go to in Des Moines on Saturday, July 12.  Since I ran 14 miles that day, I was embarrassingly hungry by the time dinner came around.  I ate food off Matt's plate when he got full and then ate 2 pieces of cake. 
  • Due to the wedding, I didn't have enough time to get in a full ride on Sunday.  I'm glad I still got out there and 60 miles is still a good ride.
  • Matt joined me for the long ride on July 20th.  I need to figure out how much fuel to pack for him because I really underestimated.  By the time I took a break for my second gel he had already had one gel and a whole pack of Clif ShotBloks.  I was not prepared for how much he would take in. It worked out fine though because we just stopped for Snickers bars.  Fueling for the win. 
  • He ended up eating 2 Clif Shot Gels (200 cal), 1 package ShotBloks (200 cal), 1 Powerbar fruit squeeze (80 cal), half of a Honey Stinger Waffle (80 cal), a Snickers bar (250 cal), and 2 bottles of PowerBar Perform (420 cal). That's 1230 calories.  I'm mostly doing this math for myself so I know how much to pack next time.  I guess I forgot that he is a little bigger than me and not used to riding as many miles and needs more calories. For comparison sake, I took in about 1030 calories.  So he just needs 2 additional pieces of fuel (in general, I consider one "fuel" 100 calories)

Monday, July 28, 2014

My new roommate

I mentioned this briefly in my last post, but I have a new roommate! Okay, roommate is not the correct word. That word implies someone who does their own laundry and buys their own groceries and hangs out in their own room.  My fiance moved in! He's actually better than a roommate because I think he has done more than half of the dishes, cooking, and cleaning in the last few weeks. The only thing I am keeping up with is laundry and that is just because I keep running out of bike shorts and sports bras.

I like to keep it real here on the blog so I'll tell you the truth about the move.  I was a little nervous about Matt moving in.  Not because I'm not sure about our relationship or anything like that.  But for the last 3+ years I've been living on my own and pretty much doing my own thing.  That means coming home at any time I wanted, eating cereal for dinner at least once a week and often at 10 pm, cleaning as infrequently as I could get away with, and generally leaving my stuff wherever it was convenient for me. When Matt or other guests would come to visit, I would clean and make it appear that I had my life totally together and that I was a full-fledged adult.  This was mostly a lie and I am certainly not that tidy.

The day he moved all his stuff and piled it right in the living room, I did freak out a little bit.  But it's mostly all put away now. We do still have things that need to be given away or donated but the apartment isn't too much of a mess.

It's been almost a month now and I'm happy to say things are going well. Matt is only mad that I ate all the Charleston Chews out of the freezer while he was gone for work.  But he ate all the leftovers from TGI Fridays so I think we are even.

The perks of him moving in are great.  I'm spending a lot less time on the phone each week and I don't miss that time at all. I've been getting up earlier for work since Matt has to get up early so I've been able to leave work earlier (in theory, in actuality I've had a busy week and I'm just working more). It's nice to take turns making dinner and having food ready when I get home late.

Matt is in a fairly busy season at work which means long hours and working on Saturdays.  That actually works out for the better because I am able to get in my Ironman training sessions without feeling like I am missing out on spending time with him.

Other random perks include

  • having a road trip buddy for our trips back to Iowa

  • I really enjoy riding in the passenger seat instead of driving
  • I have someone to go to Dairy Queen with me. 

  • He makes dynamite baked mac'n'cheese

  • He makes me coffee in the morning
We've still not mastered how to buy groceries for two people. Even when I think I bought more than enough apples we run out in only a few days. And I am still sad that my car has been demoted out of the garage and now is parked outside. 

But he doesn't complain when I leave my bike on the trainer in the living room for 3 days or when my clothes are laying all over the bedroom floor. So I'd say it is going great.

The best part is we've gotten to spend so much more time together.  And it's really nice to have someone to come home to. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ironman Wisconsin Training Weeks 14 & 15

Week 14 - Build 1 Week 1
Monday, June 23 - Rest (Cubs game)
Tuesday, June 24 - 7.11 ME run
     Muscular Endurance Run, Time: 7:08 pm, 3x8 min intervals (9:17, 9:13, 8:39 min/mile pace) with 2 min easy between, Duration: 1:10:28, Pace: 9:55, Loc: Great Western Trail, Felt: Strong
Wednesday, June 25 - 2400yd Swim + 1.5 hr ME trainer ride
     SS+ME+AE swim, Time: 6:48 am, 6x50 descending WU, 4x350 Muscular endurance sets (1:35, 1:36, 1:37, 1:35), 600 swim zone 2, 100 kick, Duration: 44:27, Pace: 1:40/100yd, Loc: LA Fitness LZ, Felt: Good
     Muscular endurance ride, Time: 7:24 pm, 30 min WU, 3x7 ME interval at zone 4 w/ 3 min spin between, Duration: 1:33:07, Mileage: ~25, Loc: Home, Felt: Sweaty!
Thursday, June 26 - 50 min strength
     Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD, Time: 9:06 pm, Duration: 50:34, Loc: Home, Felt: Wiped but the workout went okay
Friday, June 27 - Rest - picked up a bike and went to book club instead
Saturday, June 28 - Rest - my allergies were kicking my butt so I skipped my long run
Sunday, June 29 - 85.52 mi ride + 2600yd Swim
     Time: 8:23 am, Duration: 5:11:00, Speed: 16.5 mph, Loc: Glen Ellyn towards Dekalb, Felt: Headwind on the way out but felt good coming back in. I could have used more water and I need to start eating sooner. 
     Time: 6:50 pm, 550 WU, 6x50 hard, 200 kick, 200 pull, 1000 steady, 200 kick, 150 WD, Duration: 48:00, Pace: 1:40/100yd, Location: LA Fitness Glendale, Felt: Good

Totals - 6 sessions, 95.18 miles, 10.2 hours

  • 2 swims, 5000 yds, 1.5 hours
  • 2 rides, ~110 mi, 6.7 hours
  • 1 run, 7.11 mi, 1.2 hours
  • 1 strength, 0.8 hours

Week 15 - Build 1 Week 2 
Monday, June 30 - 55 min strength
     Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD, Time: 6:30 pm, Duration: 55:00, Loc: Home, Felt: Hot!
Tuesday, July 1 - Rest
Wednesday, July 2 - Bike fitting
Thursday, July 3 - 2350yd swim
     Muscular Endurance swim, Time: 3:20 pm, 600 WU, 4x300 ME sets, 400 w/paddles, 150 WD, Duration: 44:56, Pace: 1:40/100yd, Loc: LA Fitness LZ, Felt: Good
Friday, July 4 - 32 mi ride w/ Matt
     Time: 11:46 am, Duration: 2:04:37, Speed: 15.4 mph, Loc: Cascade to Bernard Rd., Felt: Great!
Saturday, July 5 - Rest
Sunday, July 6 - 32.91 mi ride w/Matt
     Time: 10:20 am, Duration: 2:07:54, Speed: 15.4 mph, Loc: Cascade to Bernard Rd., Felt: Got a late start and disappointed with the distance I put in

Totals - 4 session, 66.02 miles, 5.9 hours

  • 1 swim, 2350 yds, 0.8 hours
  • 2 rides, 65 mi, 4.2 hours
  • 1 strength, 0.9 hours
  • I feel pretty satisfied with week 14.  Was it perfect? No. I should not have skipped the long run, but I think the rest day on Friday was warranted because I felt exhausted.  
  • My allergies are trying to kill me.  I think this might be the worst they've ever been.  My eyes itch so incredibly bad and the amount of allergy pills I am taking is astounding. I have a doctors appointment next week and I hope I can get some good solutions because the current method is not working.
  • My fiance moved in last Monday.  I took a few too many days off to enjoy my time with him and help organize his stuff.
  • I've been working too much again lately.  Tuesday I worked for 11 hours and that didn't leave me with any energy to train.
  • I finally went in for my bike fitting! It feels a little different but I am happy with the changes.  I think it will make for a more comfortable 112 mile ride. 
  • I am going to cut back on the trips I make to Cascade on the weekends. It is a struggle to get in workouts while I am there because I want to spend time with people.  Of course I say this when I have to travel to a wedding this coming weekend. 
  • We had our engagement pictures on Sunday. I am excited to see how they turned out! We were originally supposed to start pictures at 5 pm but the forecast wasn't great so we moved it up to 2:30.  That's part of the reason we cut the Sunday ride so short. That plus that we accidentally slept in way too late that morning. 
  • I'm feeling a little better about my training albeit not great.  This week is off to a better start! I just need to figure out how to get a long ride and run in this weekend as we will be in Des Moines for a wedding! 

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