Monday, July 28, 2014

My new roommate

I mentioned this briefly in my last post, but I have a new roommate! Okay, roommate is not the correct word. That word implies someone who does their own laundry and buys their own groceries and hangs out in their own room.  My fiance moved in! He's actually better than a roommate because I think he has done more than half of the dishes, cooking, and cleaning in the last few weeks. The only thing I am keeping up with is laundry and that is just because I keep running out of bike shorts and sports bras.

I like to keep it real here on the blog so I'll tell you the truth about the move.  I was a little nervous about Matt moving in.  Not because I'm not sure about our relationship or anything like that.  But for the last 3+ years I've been living on my own and pretty much doing my own thing.  That means coming home at any time I wanted, eating cereal for dinner at least once a week and often at 10 pm, cleaning as infrequently as I could get away with, and generally leaving my stuff wherever it was convenient for me. When Matt or other guests would come to visit, I would clean and make it appear that I had my life totally together and that I was a full-fledged adult.  This was mostly a lie and I am certainly not that tidy.

The day he moved all his stuff and piled it right in the living room, I did freak out a little bit.  But it's mostly all put away now. We do still have things that need to be given away or donated but the apartment isn't too much of a mess.

It's been almost a month now and I'm happy to say things are going well. Matt is only mad that I ate all the Charleston Chews out of the freezer while he was gone for work.  But he ate all the leftovers from TGI Fridays so I think we are even.

The perks of him moving in are great.  I'm spending a lot less time on the phone each week and I don't miss that time at all. I've been getting up earlier for work since Matt has to get up early so I've been able to leave work earlier (in theory, in actuality I've had a busy week and I'm just working more). It's nice to take turns making dinner and having food ready when I get home late.

Matt is in a fairly busy season at work which means long hours and working on Saturdays.  That actually works out for the better because I am able to get in my Ironman training sessions without feeling like I am missing out on spending time with him.

Other random perks include

  • having a road trip buddy for our trips back to Iowa

  • I really enjoy riding in the passenger seat instead of driving
  • I have someone to go to Dairy Queen with me. 

  • He makes dynamite baked mac'n'cheese

  • He makes me coffee in the morning
We've still not mastered how to buy groceries for two people. Even when I think I bought more than enough apples we run out in only a few days. And I am still sad that my car has been demoted out of the garage and now is parked outside. 

But he doesn't complain when I leave my bike on the trainer in the living room for 3 days or when my clothes are laying all over the bedroom floor. So I'd say it is going great.

The best part is we've gotten to spend so much more time together.  And it's really nice to have someone to come home to. 
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