Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Racing Statistics

'Tis the time of year for yearly recaps. And I couldn't miss out on that!  I did my racing statistics for both 2012 and 2013 and was all set about doing it this year too. Then I realized the only race I participated in this year was the Ironman. I did do one bike ride this year as well. So the stats are short.

Races/Events participated in: 2
Races "raced": 1
DNFs/DNSs: 0
Volunteered at: 0
Miles raced: 215.6

Ironman: 1
75 Mile Bike: 1

States: Illinois &; Wisconsin
I did a lot of biking and running in Iowa as well. 


I definitely lucked out this year and had great weather for both the Udder Century and IMWI

Races for free: 0
Race entries I paid for others: 0
Total spent: $728
Average cost per race ($728/2): $364
Average cost per mile ($728/215.6): $3.38
Cheapest Race: Udder Century ($28) and there is a pasta dinner!
Most expensive race: Ironman Wisconsin.  To be fair they have a buffet too.  If warm chicken broth is your thing.

Ironman - 13:16:20 

Races run alone: 0
Races run with Kelly: 2  

Best of:
Race Picture:  It's a tie

The medal is ugly though

Post Race Breakfast:

Finish Line:

Training Partner: 

  • I did not see any weasels this year which was disappointing.  But the universe made it up to me because I saw a dog riding in a sidecar with goggles on.  It was amazing as it sounds. 
  • I did a lot of solo training this year.  Which helped with mental endurance but did not help with my social life.
  • I already signed up for 4 races in 2015! Ironman training really limited my racing so I'm looking forward to racing more!
  • Last year I mentioned I wanted to break 2 hours in the half marathon and 3 hours in an Olympic-distance triathlon. I didn't even do any of those events in 2014. I have higher hopes for 2015. 
  • I spend $3427 on triathlon related stuff BEFORE I stopped counting in August. And that doesn't even include my race entry or my gym membership.  Ouch. This is not a cheap sport. 
  • No injuries this year! Just one really irritated glute muscle that upon further investigation might have actually been my piriformis.
  • According to Garmin Connect, I ran 255 miles, biked 1577 miles, and swam 30 miles.  For all activities I covered 1969 miles over 214 hours. I'm guessing that is an underestimate because I wasn't even recording things before I started Ironman training. I'm still impressed. Maybe I can get to 2015 miles for this year!
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