Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Things

1.  Football season is here! Last Saturday, Matt and I had our annual "test our relationship" day in which we cheer for our alma maters and trash talk the other team--the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.  After a really disappointing game last year, where Iowa choked the whole second half, I was vindicated with an Iowa win!  So I'll have bragging rights for a bit!

We spent the day with friends and I got to play with some cute doggies so it was like a triple win for me! 

2. This past weekend Matt and I had a wedding back in our hometown.  On Saturday morning, my mom, dad, and I visited the Dubuque Farmers Market.    Fall produce is the best! I went home with apples, spaghetti squash, watermelon, radishes and hens and chicks plant.  And it only cost me about $10!  

3. The wedding we went to Saturday night was a great time.  Such a great time in fact that we ended up playing quarters at the bar after the reception was over.  This might have factored into why we didn't start our bike ride till 11 am Sunday!  

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