Sunday, January 17, 2016

The State of Things

Ahem. Is this thing on?  It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

Things here are mostly the same and yet different.  After my last triathlon in August, I took a break from working out.  I had signed up for a half marathon in early November with my cousin.  I was mostly undertrained but did manage a 10 mile run a few weeks before the race.  Then a work trip to San Francisco 3 days before the race derailed my plans.  My cousin backed out and so did I.  With the early darkness, my running shoes got traded in for my yoga mat and shockingly, some strength training.

But honestly, I've been struggling to get active lately.  Every year, the shorter days and cold weather get me down and every year it catches me by surprise.  I'm trying to help myself out by getting outside on the weekends and getting as much fresh air and sunlight as I can.  But I'm still fighting the urge to lay on the couch each night.  The days are getting longer and I'm hoping we get an upswing of temperatures soon.  Until then, I'm bundling up like this.

My new hat and neck warmer that I got for Christmas.  It makes outside bearable. 

Matt and I are moving again.  Yes, this is the third time in 3 years.  Although moving can be stressful, I am excited to go somewhere new.  Huntley was okay but I never really loved the area.  I *think* we've found a new place in Lindenhurst to rent *fingers crossed* that everything works out with the lease.  The reason for our move is Matt has a new job in Racine, WI.  We thought about moving to Wisconsin because beer and cheese but there wasn't anything for rentals that didn't make our drives much longer. 

Speaking of Wisconsin...we went to visit friends in Monroe, WI, this weekend.  Since I had a very slow start Saturday morning, we got on the road much later than we wanted.  Instead of heading straight to Monroe, our friend called and told us to meet them in Twin Grove for lunch. We had never heard of that town before but figured Google could tell us how to get there.  That probably would have worked out okay if we had any cell service.  So instead, the map got us there.  Thank goodness I still keep a Wisconsin (and Illinois) map in my car.  To be fair, our friend could have easily directed us and he did tell us we needed to go south from Juda so we knew the first turn. By the time we reliazed we had no data service and tried to call again, he didn't answer so map it was.  

I made a few resolutions this year.  One of those wasn't to drink less.  

One is to save more money.  I have some specific numbers in mind as Matt and I would like to buy a house sooner rather than later.  (And I want a different car).  And the other is to get a dog.  I'm still working on that one but it is going to happen!  I have a few racing goals for 2016 that I'm still hashing out in my head too.   I can't wait to write and share more of my Ironman training journey this year as well. 
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