Friday, March 4, 2016

Five Things Friday

We made it through another week! Let's celebrate with a blog post.

1. Matt and I are moved into our new place in Lindenhurst. It's going okay now and it's starting to feel more like home! We even have most of our pictures hung on the wall.  This is a good reminder to me to convince Matt to hang the rest this weekend.  

But it was a bit of a rough journey to start with.  When I came to pick up the keys for the apartment, it was not cleaned like we had agreed upon and I really almost lost my s**t.  After some gnashing of teeth, it got cleaned and we moved only to find the washing machine and garbage disposal not in working order.  Also a cat lived here before me and as much as I'd like to think my allergies are getting better with age, my body told me different.  So I spent the weekend cleaning and scrubbing to try to get all the cat dander out of the apartment.  Thankfully I feel so much better now but the first weekend after we moved it felt like an elephant was sitting on my face.  

The great news is things seem to be settling down now and things are in working order. 

2. I've been trying to finish up projects that I've been working on for a while.  Finishing old projects means time for new projects! I've been crocheting this throw since about October.  

The only thing left is to weave in all the ends.  

I also broke out my sewing machine to fix two pairs of jeans that I've worn through.  
Just sewing the crotch of my jeans #athleticthighprobs 
 3. Two weekends ago, Matt and I went back to Iowa to see our nephew get baptized.

I'm obviously biased but I think he is pretty cute.

4. This weekend I am visiting my friend Laura in Champaign.  It's been a while since we have had time to hang out so I am really pumped!

5. Have a great weekend!
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